Sciatica: Relieve The Pain Of Pinched Nerves Using A Tennis Ball



The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body and also the largest one. It starts from your lower back and runs down your buttocks to your lower limbs. It derives from the spinal nerve L4 to S3.

Being the single largest among anything is always a huge deal and the sciatic nerve too finds itself in fatigue at times. It causes what is commonly called sciatica or the pain of the sciatic nerve.

The most common symptom is shooting, burning pain down the thigh of the leg which renders sitting and standing almost impossible.

Pressure on the origin of the sciatic nerves causes the sciatica condition to manifest.

Three common conditions that can cause the disorder are: a herniated disk, pinched nerves around our lower back, or spinal stenosis. All of these put pressure on sciatic nerves, thereby causing a lot of pain.

Even though extremely painful, this can be very easily remedied, simply with a tennis ball!

Tennis ball therapy

Technique 1:

Use the ball by keeping it under the gluteal muscle. Then try lifting that leg up into the air, supported by the other leg.

If you feel that the pain is becoming unbearable, try to rest for a while and try again.

Then try and roll the ball over the affected area, sitting in the same way. The pressure will slowly ease out the tensed up muscles and free up the nerves.

Technique 2:

This technique is a bit out of the way as it works more on the belly muscles. It is called as prone psoas Release. But this massage often works when trying to ease out the glutes and sciatic nerves.

Put the ball on the floor and position your belly on top of it. Now, lift your arms and legs up as much as you can and hold. Ten seconds is optimum at one go.

Besides that

Crunches and sit-ups are great places to start. Try to work through the pain and get your feet as close to your face as humanely possible.

Sciatica can be quite the debilitating acute disorder and working through it is the secret behind its remedy too. The more you shield the affected areas from effort or exercise, the worse the pain can get.

Also, it is always helpful to keep yourself hydrated and keep your muscles free of fatigue. Regular check-ups into underlying conditions we mentioned before also go a long way.

Sciatica: Relieve The Pain Of Pinched Nerves Using A Tennis Ball

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