Lovely Lavender Ombre Hair Color Ideas


Hair colour changes your look plus your routine gets multiplied by a lot of additional hair care routine. Getting hair coloured is surely expensive, however, it is truly worth it. But when you decide to colour your hair into something lighter, it surely needs a lot of thought. And when it comes to a shade like lavender, it needs extra care. Lavender ombre is the most amazing option to go about. Here are some ideas on lavender ombre hair that you can follow for the next time you decide to dye your hair…

Lovely Lavender Ombre Hair Color Ideas
Lovely Lavender Ombre Hair Color Ideas


Light Lavender Layers

Light lavender is nothing short of an angelic retreat for both, the eyes and the hair. It leaves one with a soft look and something that can be easily dressed up just by braiding it into a simple french braid. If your style is feminine and you find yourself inclined towards colour like pink and shows like mean girls, we think this is the perfect hair colour for you.

Who will it suit: Considering it is amongst the lighter shades, we recommend that someone who is extremely fair or fair should only opt for it. Light lavender can totally flush a dark person out. Adding onto the beauty are the layers. They bring a sense of depth in the hair.

Silver Tinted Lavender Ombre

Lavender is a shade which when polished, gives an extremely futuristic vibe. To rock this look to the max, opting for a lavender ombre which fades from silver down to lavender is the best bet. If intense silver is not your style, you can opt for something subtle like a grey or ash to blend the shade in. While long hair can rock this look, a short bob too will justify it the most.

Who will it suit: With the privilege to decide upon the intensity of the second shade with lavender, this hair colour becomes on point for all skin types. If you opt to ombre it from a darker or matte colour like grey or say ash, it will suit someone with a dark tone. On the other hand, a melt from the platinum will suit a fairer tone.

Dusty Lavender

If you have made the decision of choosing a bold lavender but still want to keep it subtle, a dusty version of it will be perfect. The dusty lavender gradually melts down to an ombre from a copper-ish crown, giving it an extremely rusty and vintage feel. Rocking this look with a loose braid or even an exaggerated bun will be an excellent choice. Never leave hair extremely straight with this hair colour as it can end up looking very boring and dull.

Who will it suit: This shade is perfect for all skin types. The shade will make a dark skin tone look very rich and exquisite and for someone with a fair skin tone, this dusty lavender will give a very pleasant dramatic finish.

Solid Lavender Ombre

With this hair colour, you either go big or go home. If you are bold enough or if you are up for a complete change that will make you stand apart and turn all eyes to you, then the solid lavender ombre is the perfect option. It is an ombre which fades from a darker lavender to a lighter one. While the maintenance of this is going to be quite huge, it is all going to be worth it when you see the final results which will make you look nothing short of a mermaid.

Who will it suit: It totally depends on how dark you choose the hair around your crown to be. If it is dark enough, blend it into something lighter, though someone with dark skin can also opt for this. However, if you go for a light lavender on your crown ombre-d to platinum lavender then someone with extremely fair skin or fair skin will look great with it.

Pink To Lavender Ombre

When you have chosen to go feminine with the lavender shade, we suggest why not go all in and add in a splash of pink to it as well. If you are a fan of the sorbet shade but the oranges and yellows scare you, opting for this one will justify it without being too loud. To rock this look to the max, we suggest getting hair that’s cut in a bob and then give it spring-like curls.

Who will it suit: This ombre will help uplift dark skin by making it look edgier plus sexy, and will help add a lot of fun colours to fair skin. Pick the shades of pink and purple that justify your skin tone, like a matte pink with a matte lavender for dark skin and blonde-platinum shades of these colours for lighter skin will keep you sorted.

Platinum Lavender Ombre

When you would have thought of getting a lavender hair colour done on your hair, we are pretty sure that the inspiration must have come from this particular shade. An ombre from lavender to platinum or vice versa is the most classic way of getting the hair coloured using this particular shade. The best part about this hair colour is how wonderfully it sits between edgy and feminine, making it the right choice for all kinds of outfits. If you have long hair, we suggest giving your hair chunky curls and if you have short hair then some crimpled effect or a super straight hair will do too.

Who will it suit: A very modern look, this shade will sadly look great only on someone who has extremely fair-fair skin tone. It will surely flush a dark skin off but if you are one who loves experimenting and knows how to carry the things that they love, we say go ahead and get it no matter what!

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Lovely Lavender Ombre Hair Color Ideas

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