World’s Best Exercises To Reduce Your Belly Fat



Two things that you need to keep in mind- one, abs are made in the kitchen, and second, spot reduction is a myth. You cannot reduce fat from just one single area of the body. But if you really want, you should do these exercises to help you in reducing your belly fat, ALONG with your other exercises.

Plank Hip Twist

Get into a plank position and use your forearms as a pivot. Then move on each side, using your arms. Make sure that your hips aren’t sagging, or raised too high. Also, maintain the contraction of your abs.

Do it 3 times x 40 reps, with 20 each side.

Plank With Knee To Elbow


Get into a plank position and then touch your elbow by bringing your knee forward. Make sure your form is correct, and you are not doing it too fast or too jerkily.

Do it 3 times x 24 reps, with 12 each side.


Raise your arms high up in the air, and then, just like you would swing an axe, bring the dumbbell or weight down to your other side. As you do it, it keeps working your obliques and your torso, along with giving strength to your upper body.

Do it 3 sets of 40 (20 each side)

Leg Lifts


Lie down on your back, and raise yourself using your arms, which puts your body at an incline. Now, lift one leg high up in the air, while keeping it completely straight, and then do the same with the other. Keep doing it until you feel the burn.

Do it 3 sets of 20.

After a week, you might want to check if you have lost any weight or not. It’s simple: measure your weight around your waist and then, measure it around your girth. Stand up while doing so. For women, a waist size lower than 35 inches is great. For a man, a waist size lower than 40 inches is fine. Get over these numbers and you have to enter into the phase of proper diets as well as exercise.

Remember, diet is very important. None of these would make a difference if you eat a MacD after this. Be healthy and eat healthy for maximum results.

World's Best Exercises To Reduce Your Belly Fat

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