Warning Signs That You Have Parasites In Your Body and How to Destroy Them Naturally



Parasites come in all shapes and sizes. But one thing in common with all of these critters is that they, like that toxic ex of yours, will invariably harm you. It’s just in their nature. Jokes apart, parasites have always made homes out of almost all mammalian bodies, from lice in your hair to fleas on your pet dog or cat. Some of them have caused genocides like the Black Death and malaria, which comes from a parasitic protozoan that is injected into our bodies by mosquitoes.

However, there are many critters that don’t cause that big of a ruckus when they stay within or on our bodies. Now having said that, here are some signs that point out towards the presence of parasites in your body:

  1. Stomach issues, including but not limited to stomach bugs, indigestion and diarrhea;
  2. Pain in the joints;
  3. Reproductive system-related issues;
  4. Forgetfulness;
  5. Teeth chattering without even realizing it;
  6. Anxiousness;
  7. Being temperamental;
  8. Skin issues;
  9. Deficiencies, including that of iron;
  10. Unexplained sensitivity;
  11. Sugar craving;
  12. Gum inflammation;
  13. Lack of strength;
  14. Yearnings;
  15. Debilitating migraines; and
  16. Yeast infection.

Here are some things that can help you get rid of your parasites:



Used as an anti-inflammatory substance since the time of Egypt, the ajolene and allicin in garlic are powerful pest killers and can kill 20 different kinds of microbes and 60 kinds of infestations.


Thanks to their caryophyllene content, they can kill all kinds of spores and growth, especially parasites that attack the circulatory system.


A strong anti-infection substance, it is especially effective against throat bacteria which cause sore throats and common colds.

Cucumber Seeds

Who would have thought that the world’s most boring vegetable can actually heal you on your inner critters? Well, it’s true. Dried cucumber seeds contain an alkaloid that helps cure all kinds of infections and kills parasites.

Pumpkin Seeds

Used as a vegetable for years by Bengalis, these contain an oil that kills worms of the digestive system. Best part, after powdering them, you can basically add them to anything and everything because of their more or less tasteless nature.

Probiotic Substances

You would want to add beneficial microbes to your system while on the quest to annihilate most of them from your body. Yoghurt, sauerkraut and probiotic drinks can help you with this.



Papaya seeds are great at helping the body excreting bacteria and other harmful parasites. Moreover, they are an extremely healthy fruit with its light, mellow sweet taste. This is one of the few tropical fruits that will not cause health problems for you. Blend it with coconut oil and coconut milk and enjoy it every day on an empty stomach.

Some other substances that will help you rid your body of parasites:

  1. Cayenne pepper;
  2. Turmeric, one of the strongest among all of these substances;
  3. Green hulls of walnuts;
  4. Wormwood;
  5. Goldenseal;
  6. Mint;
  7. Star anise;
  8. Cumin;
  9. Cinnamon; and
  10. Barberry.

Add these up with a clean, healthy lifestyle and plenty of drinking water and you are set for a wonderful long life!

Warning Signs That You Have Parasites In Your Body and How to Destroy Them Naturally

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