Even though some people avoid thinking about it, vaginal discharge is quite important. It can tell you some important things about your health. Here are 5 things that it can reveal.

1. You’re pregnant

During the nine month pregnancy it is normal for the
hormones to fluctuate. These changes are related to your discharge. It is
normal for pregnant women to experience increased discharge with a yellow

2. You’re in menopause

Menopause causes lots of changes in the hormones and that is
why it is a big change. Therefore, there will probably be a change in your
vaginal discharge. It will become dry and it will decrease. Thus, your body
might be more prone to infections, so be careful.

3. You have a rare cancer

A number of the cancer that attach the female reproductive organs
don’t have effect on the vaginal discharge. However, there is a rare form of
fallopian tube cancer that causes increased watery discharge. This cancer is
rare, but you should be attention to the amount and kind of vaginal discharge
you have.

4. You work out and have a healthy diet

Usually that things that make your breath smell also make
your discharge smell. Such things include onion, garlic, hot pepper and others.
In addition, if you work out and smell like sweat it is normal for your crotch
area to have a certain smell as well. This are things you shouldn’t worry

5. You’re dehydrated

If you suffer from dehydration your urine will turn dark
yellow. In addition your discharge might have a yellowish tinge as well. Since
sometimes urine and discharge mix you might notice a yellow color on the toilet
paper or on your underwear. Make sure to drink more water and you’ll be fine.

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