Fat Shredder at Home HIIT Workout for Serious Results

This intense fat shredder at home hiit workout is designed to target your whole body, bring the burn, and obliterate fat in problem areas!

Jumping Jacks

This simple cardio exercise is great for getting your heart rate up for this at home hiit workout. Sometimes known as star jumps!
1. Start standing up straight, with your hands and feet by your sides.
2. Jump into the air, moving your hands out straight to your sides and separating your feet putting you into a star position in the air. Land with your feet apart and your arms straight out to your sides.
3. Jump again, reversing the motion, moving your arms back in to your sides and your feet together. This is one rep.

Mountain Climbers

1. Hold yourself in a high plank position, squeezing your core.
2. Raise your knee towards your elbows without changing your hip height or spine position, bringing your leg forward with it.
3. Fire your leg back into its original position. This is one rep.
4. Repeat rapidly with the other leg.


Burpees are a tried and tested killer endurance combo. They’re fast and explosive, making them a vital tool for this at home HIIT workout!
1. Stand standing in a neutral position.
2. Squat downwards, placing your hands on the ground, shoulder width apart.
3. Shoot your legs backwards into a high plank position.
4. (Optional) perform a pushup from the high plank position.
5. Squat upwards explosively, jumping into the air with your hands above your head.
6. Land with soft knees to avoid injury. This is one rep.

Bodyweight Squats

Squats are a key exercise for working your whole body, so getting the basics right is important for developing those curves! They work out a lot of muscle, so it will burn, but it gives great results in this at home HIIT workout!
1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, or slightly wider, with your toes slightly pointing outwards. Make sure your spine is in a straight, neutral position. Make sure your weight is through your heels.
2. Squeeze your leg and core muscles as you lower your body downwards, putting your hands out infront of you for balance if needed. Lower yourself until your butt is an inch or two off the ground. Hold for 1-2 seconds.
3. Continue to squeeze your leg and core muscles as you raise yourself up again. This is one rep.

Squat Jumps

This is a great power variation of the squat. You still lower yourself down slowly, but explode upwards from the bottom of the squat. As you land, try to slow your momentum so you’re working your muscles on the way down as well.



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