Top 8 Foods That Sharpen Your Brain and Boost Your Memory & Focus



If truth be told, our brain is all we have. We need it to live, to actually be human. Without a brain that can’t differentiate between two things with clarity, we are just mindless beasts. So, it goes without saying that we actually need to take care of our brain in order to live. And this care comes from eating foods that would speed up the process.

There are food items around us that have different advantages for different parts of our body. What is important is that we understand which food is useful for which part.

Here are 8 foods that would help in sharpening up the brain:

Fish Fat

Omega-3 is always a brain booster. Found mostly in sea animals, it helps in the development of the brain especially when pregnant women consume it. It results in the widening of the fetal head, which is usually a symbol of higher intelligence. Even now, if one is to consume a globule of fatty acid daily, they would see a growth in their social skills and cognitive ability within a month.


Berries also form a part of dietary requirements that help in developing the brain. It contains antioxidants and phytochemicals along with several other healthy hormones. They not only help in increasing the cognitive reasoning of the brain but also prevent neurodegenerative diseases.


Strawberries, blueberries, and other berries help in mediating the speed and frequency with which neurons fire in the human brain, thus preventing inflammation and other fatal problems. Also, berries delay the onset of brain-related diseases like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s because they are anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-oxidative.


We usually associate nuts with a healthy heart. But it has been seen that healthy cardiovascular activities lead to healthy cognitive reasoning. Cashews, peanuts, and other nuts are filled with monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids that help with controlling insulin and other cancer-related issues. A test conducted revealed that men and women who consumed more nuts over a specified period of time had a higher rate of cognitive ability which didn’t reduce with time. Interestingly, although every nut is good for your body, you should consume walnuts more.


Turmeric is useful in preventing Alzheimer’s, for it does away with beta-amyloid plaques that lead to Alzheimer’s later in life. Apart from that, turmeric also reduces oxidative stress, inhibits pro-inflammatory enzymes, and also delays neuron degradation.

Although turmeric is primarily used for this, one can also consume it to simply expand and increase the cognition of a brain. It helps with behavioral performances while also assessing, analyzing, and improving social interactions of a human being. It was tested on older rats and produced results in just 12 weeks. Their cognitive abilities, brain function and memory retention increased after they consumed a turmeric rich diet.


Coffee has always been a good brain developer. While coffee does contain antioxidants that help, it is ultimately the caffeine that prevents brain decay. It reduces the risk of depression while also alerting and sharpening the brain. After all, isn’t that what coffee has always been known for?


It also increases working memory, while also preventing Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. But limit your intake to 400mg a day i.e. 5 cups.

Dark Chocolate

While dark chocolate is usually associated with cardiovascular health, it also promotes cognitive abilities. The flavonoids that are present in the dark chocolate help the flavanols pass the blood-brain barrier and coagulate in areas that are usually linked to better memory and reception. They also help in forming and maintaining long-term memories. They create neurons and enhance blood flow. Dark chocolate also helps in preventing diseases that occur in the brain with age.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Vegetables like brussels sprouts, kale, bokchoy, broccoli, and others are filled with Vitamin K. Now, while Vitamin K has not really been tested for its use in the human brain, it is filled with sphingolipids which comprise the brain cell membranes.


Also, it has been seen with due tests conducted, that abundance of Vitamin K does in fact, help in the mental development and mental balance of adults. It helps them in remembering and encoding stuff.


Seeds might look tiny, but they are filled to the brim with nutrients that help in developing the brain. Sunflower seeds contain an immense amount of Vitamin E, Thiamine, and Tryptophan. Vitamin E helps reduce dementia risk with age. Thiamine plays a big part in preventing Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s. And Tryptophan helps in building up serotonin levels that balance the mood and the cognitive ability of an individual.

Flax seeds can be used as an alternative to fatty fish acid and contain the same Omega-3 fatty acid that helps in preventing a decline in cognition.

Pumpkin seeds contain magnesium, copper, and iron, all of which are useful in developing the sensory part of the brain – the part that is necessary to initiate responses and interact with things around them.

So, is your diet filled with these?

Top 8 Foods That Sharpen Your Brain and Boost Your Memory & Focus

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