6 Simple and Effective Home Remedies For Water Retention



Water retention or fluid retention, is the accumulation of excess body fluid in certain areas of the body. It is, in the worse cases, quite the unsightly looking condition.

In milder condition, it can cause someone to look obese despite not being overweight. It can also cause pressure fluctuations and in the worst of cases, even a coma.

The clearest symptoms of water retention are easy to notice: swelling of joints, lethargy and a general stiffness in the body.

In the worst of cases, the excess tissue fluid has to be drained out, using minor surgical methods. This would not only be painful but costly too.

Hence, we have brought you six easy-to-do homemade remedies to help ease fluid retention.

1. Parsley


The fresh herb that lights up the Italian food you cook is one of the richest sources of antioxidants. Brewing a weak tea out of it can help you ease out your aching joints and drain the tissue fluid that has accumulated in them.

2. Dandelion


The pretty weed from the Samsung galaxy commercial is a rich source of minerals like calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, and manganese, things which help bring your pH balance back to normal. This causes the body to prompt your kidneys to flush out the excess water as urine.

3. Magnesium sulphate


Known commonly as Epsom salt is a substance used in bath waters. This use has been prevalent since the Iron Age, when baths had the status as hospitals do nowadays. Relaxing baths using Epsom salt can be helpful in increasing kidney function which makes the body better at excreting.

Moreover, it calms your aching nerves and joints, which is always a beautiful thing after a long eight-hour work day.

4. Garlic


It is one of the most common and most widely used anti-inflammatory substances in the world. Even Egyptians used it in ancient times. Use garlic butter which is very easy to make at home.

Spread it on your morning butter and enjoy; it is tastier than normal butter anyway.

5. Fennel


Fennel seeds have been used as mouth freshening agents in India for ages. Making a weak tea out of it will help you lose excess water out of your system because it increases the metabolic rate and kidney function too. Its rich sodium and potassium content make it easier for the body to maintain its pH balance.

6. Apple cider vinegar

Again, one of those little things you might have lying around your house. This is extremely good for your body, as it helps increase liver and kidney function and makes it easier for your body to use the food it eats.


Leading a healthier life that includes yoga or some form of physical exercise also helps a lot when it comes to fighting fluid retention. Improved blood circulation makes it easier for the blood vessels to dilate, thereby causing the retained water to be lost.

There are other factors too at work like the health of your glands or the fact that menopause has hit you, but those are special cases. In general, these simple remedies can help you lose excess fluid and be healthy.

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