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Thanks to the stressful lives people lead, combined with the rising levels of pollution in everything consumed, people are aging way faster than they should. And the stress that causes this can be seen clearly on their faces, in the form of black circles under the eyes and the increased wrinkling of the face’s skin.

Thankfully, new research has revealed that facial exercises can keep the aging process in check. About 30 minutes of these exercises a day will not only keep your face more youthful and rejuvenated but also help you avoid unnecessary surgery.

There are ten groups of facial muscles responsible for the myriad number of facial expressions in us, and the day-in-day-out efforts of these muscles cause wrinkles to appear; faster if one is sleep-deprived.

However, similarly, certain facial yoga poses can help you keep the muscles and skin on your face taut and healthy.

1. The cheek workout

This is one of the simpler ones: inhale as much air as you can into your mouth, till your cheeks are taut and full. Now move the air from one cheek to the other, till you have to breathe out. When you do, do so in a controlled manner.

2. The neck-muscle stretch

This can be done in two ways: one, you can stretch your neck muscles till your neck is at maximum length and two; you can use your index finger to pull the skin on your neck.

This will also automatically keep the skin of your face tight and wrinkle-free.

3. Frown

Using your fingers, make a V shape under both your eyes and pull your eyebrows down. After holding this position for a while, take both hands away and squint, as if frowning. Make a face using your lips too. Hold it for two minutes and repeat at least eight times per sitting.

4. The Glasgow smile

Three steps, which need to be 5 seconds long each. First, keeping your lips closed, smile as widely as you can. Take the Cheshire cat as a reference. Next, stop smiling and pucker or pout your lips. Then finally using your fingers, pull your chin as down low as you can. Repeat this ten times.

5. The Shocked emoji


Another one of the easier ones: simply hold your face in a surprise expression, for about ten seconds.

This will tone up the forehead region and the cheeks.

6. Exercising the platysma muscle

This is a very special muscle at the base of the uvula in the neck. Keeping it taut helps keep the entire face taut and wrinkle-free. For doing this you need to contract it, by stretching your tongue to touch the roof of your mouth and stretching your chin.

7. The tuba pout

Stand still and pout as if you were playing a reed instrument. This will make your cheek muscles go to work, making the texture of your cheeks peachy and the skin on them tight.

You have to keep at it for about five minutes every day.

With these exercises done for about a half hour per day, combined with a healthy addiction-free and stress-reducing lifestyle, you should be well on your way towards beating aging.

After all, you don’t need to look old even if you are old.

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