Homemade Cough Drops With Honey and Essential Oils



Homemade cough drops enriched with essential oils are your trusted ally against cough and sore throats. They are simple to make and are immensely beneficial.

They are the real deal – way better than cough drops brought from the stores because they definitely deliver. Homemade cough drops are all about added benefits, the factory ones are glorified candies – full of harmful chemicals and added sugar. They are your powerful and potent weapon against cough, cold, and sore throats – and are delicious to make.


Raw honey should be used base ingredient here. A teaspoon of honey in itself melts away any irritation in your throat and brings immediate relief. Having it in the form of a cough drop fortified with a few essential oils only makes it more potent and sustained.

Essential Oils:-There are a lot of benefits of essential oils. But the catch lies in having them. The solution lies in adding them to the cough drops – in small doses only.

Ginger is yet another such essential oil that is beneficial as it relieves inflammation, eases congestion and acts as an antibiotic. It brings immediate relief from cough and acts against stomach ailments.

Peppermint oil helps against all forms of cough and respiratory illness; it also acts against mild fever and seasonal ailments like hay fever. It also acts as a breath freshener and provides relief from sore throat.

Lavender Essential oils possesses anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and also fights against cough and sore throat. On top of all that, it is relaxing and induces sleep which is the most essential but an elusive requisite for a sick body.

A major ally in the fight against respiratory problems is Oregano oil. It is a powerful aid against inflammation and all forms of bacterial and viral infection.

For expelling phlegm and relieving congestion, Cyprus essential oil is the go to aid. It will be a friend in your fight against infection and gives you relief from anxiety. While this might apparently seem unrelated, it immensely helps a sick person by relaxing them. Sleep comes easily if you do not have to contend with bouts of coughing.

Eucalyptus oil brings immediate relief from colds, flu, and other allergies but is not advisable for children below ten.

Frankincense essential oil is another friend in our fight against cold and related ailments.

A few other formidable ingredients

Basil fights against bacteria and prevents inflammation while also aiding in your journey towards a fitter you.

Elderberries sooth inflammation that is caused by sore throats, cold, cough and respiratory infection.


Recipe for Homemade Cough Drops

Making the cough drops is essential whenever you feel that an outbreak of cold and cough is imminent. You will require

  • ¾ cup honey
  • ½ cup of boiling water
  • 3 herbal tea bags
  • 8 drops of the Essential Oils
  • You can add 1 teaspoonful for a stronger concoction.
  • Candy thermometer
  • A Thick bottomed small pot

Immerse 3 bags of herbal tea in half a cup of boiling water for about 20-30 minutes. Add essential oils, honey and other ingredients. Combine them according to your taste and requirements. Do not stir the mixture while it is getting heated. Heat the cough drop mixture to about 300 degrees and then pour the concoction into the mould. Add essential oils only when the honey cools down. Wrap them in wax paper after they are cooled. Then refrigerate.

Make sure you are not allergic to any ingredient. Limit your intake initially to avoid reaction. These drops are medicine and not candy. If you are already on medication then please consult a doctor first.

Homemade Cough Drops With Honey and Essential Oils

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