Make Those Pesky Canker Sores Go Away Naturally Without Medicine



What Are Canker Sores?

Ever been in a position where this one sore in the mouth was making your day awful? It probably seemed like forever before the sore healed. Well, those are canker sores for you.

But what is this annoying anomaly? Canker sores are also known as aphthous stomatitis or aphthous ulcers. These are small lesions or ulcers that are situated in the oral cavity, generally at the very base of our gums inside the soft tissue. They are also found in the tongue, cheek lining, and inside the lips.

Contrary to what a lot of people might think, canker sores do not happen to be contagious and resolve themselves within a week or two.

But going through even a day of discomfort or pain which the sores can lead to is very problematic. Before knowing about the remedy, one must be able to identify the symptoms.

Symptoms Of Canker Sores

Generic symptoms that canker sores exhibit are:

A burning or tingling sensation takes place in the mouth a day prior to the appearance of a canker sore.

A yellow, grey, or white crater makes its presence in the mouth which has a red border around it.

Eating and/or drinking can be difficult and painful.

Other symptoms of canker sores are:

Swelling of the lymph nodes

Experiencing sluggishness


Keep In Mind That Canker Sores Should Not Be Confused With Fever Blisters

Canker sores might seem like the equivalent of fever blisters to a lot of people, but it is vital to remember that they are not the same.


Cold sores or fever blisters are attributed to the HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus). These are contagious blisters, making their appearance on the lip area or outside the oral cavity.

Canker sores, on the contrary, do not attribute their formation to a virus, hence, making them non-contagious.

Getting Rid Of Canker Sores Using This Ingredient

These sores are notoriously difficult to heal because they are in a continually moist and wet environment inside our mouths.

In order to expedite the healing process, it is good to make sure that the affected area is dry. It, in turn, can be difficult since the mouth is a very moist part of our body.

Alum Powder, the ingredient used to make pickles and dehydrate cucumbers is very useful. The addition of this to the canker sore can take away the moisture around and from the ulcer. Therefore, with the removal of moisture, the ulcer can begin to heal.

How To Use The Remedy

As stated earlier, alum powder, which is a rather easily available ingredient is the way to go.

Use these steps:

  1. Take a pea-sized amount and place it on the sore.
  2. Let the alum be seated on the sore for a minute. Alum powder is rather bitter and will taste bad. Never ingest the alum!
  3. Let it sit in the mouth for a minute and spit out all the contents from the mouth. YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO RINSE YOUR MOUTH USING WATER. The alum powder was put in precisely to remove the moisture. The pain should subside within the next 24 hours or less.

The ulcer might be present for some time after this treatment, but the discomfort will subside. In case you still experience pain after a day, redo the same process again.

Use this remedy the next time you suffer from this painful ailment!

Make Those Pesky Canker Sores Go Away Naturally Without Medicine

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