Get Rid Of The Brown Marks On Your Skin With This Simple Trick



Age brings with it a number of health issues, some hidden and some visible. An annoying member of the latter group is the brown spots, at times called age or liver spots, which seem to remind us that age is finally catching up. Its appearance plays on the mind more than it affects the body. And to compound the irritation, it appears more on those parts which we generally expose to the elements and to the visible eye. And with time, they keep growing.

But this process is not totally irreversible. So do not lose hope as help is at hand. A simple ploy and you can get rid of these bothersome spots. So finally you can do more than just mutter, ‘out, damn spot, out, I say!’

Time and place of occurrence

These spots occur frequently on the face, limbs, and shoulders; places generally exposed to the sun. With age, they grow in number and size and seem to announce your age.

A clue to its cause can go a long way in preventing the marks from occurring. Almost everyone loves the outdoors. But it also means exposing yourself to the sun and ultraviolet rays.  The tanning bed or sunscreen is no protection from the harmful exposure to the rays. The more the exposure, the quicker the exposed part of your skin darkens with melanin, the pigment that causes the dark tan. The dark spots appear with the passage of time at those same places.

Is it harmful

Sustained exposure to UV rays is certainly harmful. But you have to be observant if some of the spots appear darker or of a different color. Also, watch out for borders surrounding the spots. And also see if there are any marked changes in their growth. See your doctor if any spot turns tender or red. Opt for the ABCDE test of Melanoma to be doubly sure that the spots are benign and just an eyesore.


The solution

Do not lose hope as the remedy is as simple as it is inexpensive. Just get hold of two common household items – onion and organic apple cider vinegar. It takes just a little time and effort to prepare the juice from these two ingredients. Onion juice has been traditionally trusted for removing scars on the skin. Its antioxidant property reduces free radical damage, thus protecting your outer skin. Alpha hydroxyl acids present in apple cider vinegar are natural exfoliants which remove the layers of dead skin. The combined properties of the two work wonders for your skin. It’s texture and look changes amazingly.

The making of the juice

Finely slice one fresh onion and crush the contents after placing it inside an airtight bag. Add the onion to 75 ml of organic apple cider vinegar and smoothen it in a blender. Use a small ball of cotton to apply it every day on the spots for fifteen to thirty days.

As it is a natural remedy, the result might not be apparent immediately. But it is the best solution possible, both for its effectiveness and convenience. The initial results are apparent within a month or two. But continue with the treatment and you will not regret that you took the test.

Are age spots preventable?

Theoretically yes, if it is possible for you to stay away from sunlight. But we are all exposed to sunlight by compulsion. Take a few precautions. Wear clothes that are comfortable and cover your body. Use sunscreen throughout the year. Avoid the tanning bed as the tan you get may be just the initial step to skin damage. And do not forget to do to the doctor if you notice anything suspicious about the spots.

Get Rid Of The Brown Marks On Your Skin With This Simple Trick

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