10 Ways to Use Activated Charcoal



Activated charcoal is a magical product many of us must have come across several times in our lives. But what precisely does it ensure? Well, activated charcoal happens to be the compound that rids the body of chemicals and toxins. The most generic way of explaining how it works is that it absorbs toxins owing to its porous qualities. It is used in many emergency medical procedures all over the planet as an antidote for drug overdoses and poisoning. Activated charcoal also assists in reducing bloating and gas as well as lowering levels of cholesterol.

With all the benefits in mind, you might feel like using any charcoal that you find in your home, but it is important to keep in mind that just about any kind of charcoal is not the same. To derive any benefits, you must use activated charcoal manufactured using coconut shells and/or other natural ingredients.

Purchasing Activated Charcoal

Purchasing activated charcoal is no big deal now and it is generally available in most supermarts. As stated earlier, it is important to remember to purchase activated charcoal made using things such as coconut shells. Activated charcoal is available in forms such as pills, powder, and liquid. The liquid version is most commonly used for the treatment of poisoning. For generic purposes, buying the capsule or pill is the way to go since they are the most economical. The powder inside them is more important:


Here Are Ten Advantages Of Activated Charcoal:

1.Treating Insect Bites

Using activated charcoal to treat rashes or bug-ridden portions of skin is very useful. It can also cure insect bites as well as rashes due to poison oak or poison ivy.

2.Treating Acne

In case your skin has frequent breakouts or acne which can leave blemishes, it could serve useful to try using activated charcoal. It can cleanse the pores to allow your skin to breathe freely thus removing acne.

3.Lowering Cholesterol

The ingestion of activated charcoal also helps in decreasing cholesterol levels. Research has proven that activated charcoal can cause a rise in good cholesterol whilst diminishing bad cholesterol levels. In fact, one study discovered lowered LDL cholesterol levels by percentages as much as 41% due to the intake of activated charcoal. The participants took a dosage of eight grams each, three times a day for four weeks.

4.Whitening of Teeth

Activated charcoal is ideal for promoting good oral health as it improves pH levels in our mouth. In turn, it prevents cavities as well as gets rid of bad breath.

5.Mitigation of Gas

Another useful benefit lent by activated charcoal is its ability to help with the treatment of bloating and gas. In order to make use of this benefit, consume 500 milligrams of activated charcoal an hour prior to gas-inducing meals and consume a tumbler of water.

6.Removal of Contaminants from The Body

This is one of the most popular uses of this super helpful substance. Most harmful chemicals, as well as pesticides, bind to activated charcoal which assists in preventing bodily absorption. It is always vehemently recommended to seek emergency medical care in the event of a drug overdose or poison ingestion. Children are recommended to ingest 10 grams and adults should take 25 grams.

7.Cleansing the Digestive Tract

Activated charcoal has beneficial properties for the digestive tract as well. It benefits the body by extracting the toxins and absorbing them. It has the ability to eliminate toxins which can cause allergic reactions, oxidative damage, and lessened immunity.

8.Gets Rid of Mold

Activated charcoal can also kill mold which might be in your body. Oh yes, as disturbing as it might seem, mold can exist in your body as well. It impairs liver and kidney functions, causes headaches, depression, reduction in brain function, severe respiratory problems, and a plethora of other problems.

Activated charcoal can enable you to flush out this terrible thing from the body as long as organic charcoal is used.

9.Filtration of Water

Filtration of water happens to be one very common use of activated charcoal. It is likely that we may have come across the fact that charcoal filters water. Things such as industrial waste, harmful chemicals, solvents as well as pesticides can be trapped in activated charcoal.

10.Assists in Hangover Recovery

Activated charcoal is very beneficial in the prevention of hangovers. If consumed with alcohol, activated charcoal will adhere to any toxins that may be present with it.

Hope these uses benefit you in some way. Take care!

10 Ways to Use Activated Charcoal

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