Get Rid of Gray Hair Naturally With These 12 Home Remedies


Grey hair is naturally a sign of old age, but hair turning grey at a young age is no good thing. People detest the very presence of even a single strand of grey hair. The hair gets its blackish-brownish hue due to the presence of the coloring pigment, melanin.

The transference of melanin to each strand gives it the dark color. Melanin is produced continuously and transferred and the moment this production is reduced, the color of the hair starts fading.

The markets are flooded with hair pigmenting artificial dyes which may or may not be ammonia free, depending upon the brands. These dyes harm more than serving the purpose. However, there are some home-made natural remedies to help solve the problem. They reduce the growth of grey hair and have no side-effects at all.

1. Henna

Henna is known for its hair coloring purposes. The leaves of the henna plant are crushed or churned to obtain the liquid juice that is applied. Otherwise, there are naturally available henna powders which are mixed with essential hair oils or lemon juice to make the hair pigmented, shinier, and stronger.

2. Tea


Chamomile or black tea works amazingly to cover the grey hair. Using leftover grounds of tea or simply tea bags dipped in hot water and applied on hair can naturally color the hair. If one wants to have a reddish tinge to their hair, reddish liquor tea and for blonde tinge, chamomile could be used.

3. Coffee

Coffee tends to turn the color of the hair into darker shades. Rinse your hair with strong coffee mixed with conditioner to get the best effect. Leave it on the scalp for an hour or two depending upon the choice of shade desired.

4. Herbs

Using flowers and natural herbs are very beneficial for coloring the hair.  For dark undertones of hair use hibiscus, clove, cinnamon, and sage.  For blonde colors use chamomile, marigold, lemon zest, and sunflower petals. For red undertones of hair use, rosemary, beetroot, rose petals and carrot. Used dried leaves or petals and crush them well. Mix the powder with water and boil it. Apply the liquid with oil to prevent the hair from becoming rough.

5. Amla


Amla can be naturally crushed and massaged onto the hair shafts for darkening the color of hair. Several essential oils have amla infused in them to make the hair stronger and thicker. Consuming amla can also be helpful for curing health problems. Not only are unwanted grey hairs covered but your hair also grows faster.

6. Carrot and beetroot

If you want reddish undertones to your hair, use carrot or beetroot with a little bit of squeezed out lemon juice to highlight the hair color naturally. Mix the juice with hair conditioner and apply on the hair. One could also sit out under the sun to get better highlights only if applied with lemon juice.

7. Potato Peels

Potato peels tend to render the hair dark. The starch works its wonders in doing so. Boil the potato skins in water and used the strained water on the hair. One could also add essential oils for better results. Trying this process for a repeated span of time could leave long-lasting results.

8. Catalase

This is an enzyme found in all living beings who tend to survive in an oxygen-rich space. The hydrogen peroxide that breaks water and oxygen creates lesser pigmentation. The naturally present enzyme in our body starts to grow less as a result of old age. Having food like garlic, onion, cabbage, and potatoes increase the catalase production in our bodies.

9. Copper


Copper and several other minerals are naturally present in our bodies in specific quantities. Each of them serves specific purposes. However, reduction in the level of copper can lead to greying of hair follicles. Eating more dry fruits and nuts, soya beans and leafy vegetables like spinach can keep the copper content intact.

10. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is responsible for producing DNA and RNA that are further responsible for the growth of the body. The growth of hair is also dependent on the same vitamin and can be increased by consuming milk, eggs, fish like tuna, salmon, and meat.

11. Fo-Ti

This is a climber that was originally found in China. The roots of this plant are known to color the hair black if consumed. It is also blessed with body rejuvenating and anti-aging properties.  It multiplies the number of hair follicles present on the scalp and restores the black color of the hair.

12. Do not smoke

Smoking not only causes cancer but ruins every inch of the human body, including the hair. Excessive smoking can cause the hair to turn greyish and at times make the person bald too.

Follow these easy tips to maintain the natural look of your hair!

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