12 Mistakes You Make In The Shower That Can Affect Your Health



It is believed that an average person spends 1.5 long years in their entire life standing under the shower. Longer shower sessions give us time to ourselves. Half a year is spent in scrubbing ourselves – just goes on to show how much it matters for us to adhere to cleanliness. It feels like a space of our own for the period of the shower. Even then, there are certain things about showers that most of us tend to ignore.

Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you take showers in order to optimize the enjoyment:

1. Shower after you work out

When we work out, there is a stench in our perspiration due to the presence of microbes on our skin. These microbes need to be scrubbed off the skin in order to avoid skin allergies and rashes. So, take a shower as soon after a workout as you possibly can.

2. Don’t get a pedicure after shaving

We often tend to shave our legs first and then get the pedicure done. This practice can lead to the small scratches on our feet to get diseased.

3. Take contrasted showers

Once you’re almost done taking the shower, conclude the session by turning on the shower fully. The pressure from the shower will even out your body pressure, and help strengthen your framework. However, showers before sleeping can sometimes be not so conducive to our sleeping cycles.

4. Bathing every day

Taking a shower and washing your hair on a daily basis can lead to drying of skin and thinning of hair.  To avoid a flaky skin and scalp, make sure you’re not scrubbing yourself every day.


5. Don’t wrap your towel around your hair

Wet hair is precariously prone to breakage and falling. The wetness being trapped makes the hair look a lot less clean and fresh.

6. Regularly clean the shower head

The shower head is something we almost never end up cleaning. Scrub the layer of plaque off the shower head to enjoy a healthy and sanitized shower.

7. Keep the soap dish dry

One needs to keep the soap dish dry so that it does not become a host to germs and other bacteria. Keeping the soap dish wet makes the cake of soap melt and doesn’t allow the draining of unclean water.

8. Do not leave your razor in the shower

If you use a razor in the bathroom, make sure you take it out before you leave. The moisture can make the blades unsuitable for use.

9. Change/ clean your towel regularly

Make sure you either change or clean your towel on a regular basis to avoid bacterial growth on it. Air your towel out every day and don’t leave it soggy.

10. Clean your bathtub

Every time you take a shower, make sure you scrub the bathtub immediately after use. This will help keep it clean for use next – whether for someone else, or even yourself. Plus, it stops the formation of E. Coli in the bathroom.

11. Don’t leave your sponge wet

Make sure to put the sponge in a clean and dry area after using it in a shower. The wet mesh can, otherwise, be a host to thriving microbes.

12. Wash your feet thoroughly

Most people tend to dismiss cleaning the feet as much as they would think about cleaning the body. But non-cautious washing can be the reason for toenail growths.

Thus, you see something as regular as showering can help us maintain a better lifestyle. So, bathe properly and keep a clean bath routine!

12 Mistakes You Make In The Shower That Can Affect Your Health

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