4 Essential Oils That Can Cure Bloating and Gas Formation



One of the most commonplace of things that is both discomfort-causing and embarrassing is the post-meal bloating many people face. As the food in our esophagus is digested, it produces gases as by-products which accumulate in the lower abdomen, causing flatulence in some cases, while swelling in the belly region in other cases. In some rare and dangerous cases, this same gas has an upward motion tendency, which can cause serious issues like angina pectoris.

Anyway, here is a list of foods that normally cause more flatulence and gas accumulation than other foods:

1. Pulses

All lentils are normally more difficult to digest than others. The oligosaccharides in them make gases a prime by-product of their digestion in our stomachs.

2. Cruciferous vegetables

Because the cellulose in them is indigestible, it causes a lot of air to be released while the body tries digesting them. Apricots and prunes are known to cause the symptoms too, because of the higher sugar content in them.


They have a lot of simple sugars in them which makes their digestion a gassy affair. The cellulose and indigestible fiber in them don’t help the swelling and bloating either.

4.Milk and artificial sweeteners

Many people are intolerant towards lactose, the sugar contained in milk and many others find artificial sweeteners like fructose hard to digest.

Now that we know the problem spots, let’s look at the solutions to these problems.


Here are four essential oils that can help you relieve your bloated tummy and put your flatulence in its grave.

1. Peppermint oil

This is by far the best of the four remedies and can be taken both internally, as capsules, and externally, in the form of oil.

What it does when taken externally is relieve the visceral muscles in the tummy region, thereby reducing cramping. The relaxed muscles, in turn, do not trap gases, thereby reducing accumulation.

2. Ginger oil

Ginger has always been used as poultice material for helping burn fat. The pungency helps produce heat in the body, which in turn helps the body release the tension in the fatty muscular fibers of the belly region, releasing the accumulated gasses inside.

3. Chamomile oil


This is beautifully aromatic oil that can be taken internally and is now gaining more and more popularity thanks to its use in chamomile tea and flavored gourmet yogurt.

It has an immediate and positive effect when it comes to nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, etc. It also reduces cramping, a use which the adult female demographic can take note of.

4. Cumin oil

Cumin, in the form of oil or even in the form of a weak tea, has been known to increase metabolism and increase the rate of digestion in the body. This, in turn, produces lesser and lesser amounts of gassy by-products in the tummy.

The increased metabolism also factors into the general health quotient and also aids in weight-loss and muscle mass gain.

This is one of the most common anti-inflammatory substances used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine too.

Peace and good health to you.

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