5 Exercises That Will Give You Better Results Than Running


There are two universal truths- one being that everyone wants to get fit, and the other being that most of us don’t want to work as hard for it. We would rather Netflix and chill, rather than climb hills, and go on treks. It is understandable, for the fast paced world might not give someone the time to actually go to a gym and work out.  Yet, there are ways to do that. Interestingly, it doesn’t require people going on runs across the world. Although, it does involve setting a little space to do the following exercises.



Quite possibly one of the toughest exercises on this chart, burpees help in burning tummy fat, and leads to an increase in stamina. But, it is the continuous motion of the body that leads to one falling to the ground out of sheer exhaustion. Try doing 50 the first day, and increase everyday. Keep your core tight, and you will see changes in one month.

Tuck Jumps


Useful for people who want to burn fat and increase their strength in their legs. This involves literally ‘tucking’ one’s knees upto their chest while jumping. Again, the more rest you take between repetitions, the lesser the effect it has on the body. This dynamic exercises need to be swift and continuous.

Jump Rope


This is the real deal. And countless boxing films testify to that. Apart from looking really cool while doing it, jump ropes burn calories similar to a 8 mile run. It builds stamina, and develops powerful shoulders. To keep it from getting monotonous, bring in variations.

Pull ups


The hardest workout ever. This build up the entire body, and give the heart a run that would, in the long run, protect it from heart attacks. Pull ups also help in developing a good back, that gives a V-shape to it, and also keeps the spine hard while being flexible. Do at least 50 in a day, and see changes in a month.

High Knees


Instead of simply sprinting, try sprinting with your knees reaching high up in the air. This makes it a hundred times tougher, while also improving stamina, and strength. This is something that army members need to do. Instead of running in a place, you can try running at just one spot, trying to elevate your knees more than you can. It will burn fat like nothing else.

There are a lot more exercises that go the long way, like pushups, squats, situps, and planks. Also, there are various jumps present that build up on the explosive power of the body. What is important is the zeal to do that, rather than just thinking about it. Do it for 21 days at a stretch, and see it taking its place as a habit.

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