Never Ignore These Crucial Signs Of Iron Deficiency



Iron deficiency in our body can cause serious ailments as it is an important nutrient that our body needs. Every person requires an adequate amount of iron content in the body, for it helps in the creation of red blood cells and increases our immunity level. The body does provide us with some necessary alarms, in case there is a possible iron deficiency in our body. A few of these symptoms are listed below:-

Excessive exhaustion and weariness


Increased stress and pressures of a hectic schedule can lead to increased lethargy and fatigue. At times, it is ignored by people, but one generally tends to feel weak and cranky throughout the day. The insufficiency of iron can be a reason behind this as there is a lack of a sufficient amount of oxygen reaching the body organs, thereby causing a tiring situation for the body.

Increased panting

Iron deficiency causes a lack of oxygen in our body. This might lead to anemia, causing the heart to pump up more blood to regulate oxygen deficiency. Thus, there is an irregular pumping of blood which causes frequent panting and increased heartbeat.

Strange cravings

Iron deficiency can lead to the emergence of a weird problem of Pica that causes a strange craving for items like chalk or paper that is non-consumable. If one reciprocates to such a craving, a serious problem of indigestion or choking might occur.

Increase in hair fall


Excessive hair fall, despite what happens on a regular basis, is a sign of iron deficiency. This happens when the body notices the lack of oxygen and resorts to the distribution of oxygen to the most important parts of the body only. Hair is left out of this important list, thereby getting thinner by the day.

Depression and anxiety


Iron deficiency evidently causes fatigue and hair loss which automatically becomes the reason for depression. To top it all, there is increased irritability and constant stress due to the physical condition that the body is undergoing.

Swollen muscles

Oxygen deficiency can cause some serious problems in the body, including swelling up of muscles even in the tongue. This is a sign of iron deficiency and requires adequate intake of food that is rich in iron, especially leafy vegetables. Iron intake increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood which is necessary for the overall protection of our health.

Stabilizing Iron Intake

When the deficiency increases to an extent where the body simply cannot carry out regular work, there is a necessity to consult the doctor. For maintaining the balance of iron in the body, have more iron-rich foods like mushrooms and chickpeas.

Try to cook in cast-iron utensils as an external source of iron intake. Also, try to include food rich in vitamin C like citrus, for it acts as a catalyst in making the body absorb iron content. Lemons during lunch is the best option to have at hand.

Take care!

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