Get Rid Of Dental Plaque and Whiten Your Teeth With These Cheap Methods



Plaque is one of the most common and deceptively dangerous things that occurs in the mouth. Bacteria are ever present in the mouth and digestive cavity of the body. In harmless ways, they often form plaque, a film that covers your teeth and tongue. You can feel it in the morning after waking up.


But this apparently harmless thing can make things harder for you. It can harden up into tartar. When it becomes extremely difficult to remove, it can cause problems like gingivitis and gum inflammation.

Walnut Shell Water Treatment


Water: 250ml

Walnut Shells: 40g

Boil a walnut shell in some water and cool the liquid. Rinse your mouth with it thrice or four times a day; it will not only wash off your plaque, but also keep it away.

Gum-Related Ailments

Gums have living tissue, including blood vessels in them. This makes them extremely vulnerable to infection and diseases. In serious cases, it causes periodontitis. This is the inflammation and infection of gums, the bones inside them and the tissue in them. It is not only dangerous but also extremely painful.

The symptoms of periodontitis are as follows:

  • bleeding from gum tissues;
  • bad breath;
  • painful inflamed, swollen gums;
  • oral ulcers;
  • gap formation between teeth; and
  • teeth loosening.

There can be a lot of different reasons behind gum diseases, including old age, poor oral hygiene, hormonal changes, diabetes, chewing tobacco, etc.

Here are some natural remedies:


Use coconut or sesame oil, both available in all Asian groceries, and rinse your mouth with either. Then wash your mouth with warm water and brush your teeth with toothpaste.

Used Tea Bags

The tannic acid is effective in cooling down inflamed gums. Make use of used tea bags by putting them on the affected area for ten odd minutes. Tannic acid naturally dissolves plaque and helps restore oral health.



This is an Ayurvedic method that has been used for centuries in India, to the extent that today many Indian toothpaste companies use this in their products.

Rinsing your mouth with a medium-to-weak saline solution twice or thrice a day can help you cope with oral infections far better.

Black Pepper

In an equal-by-weight mixture with salt, this is really effective against oral infection, especially if massaged on the gums and other affected areas, twice or thrice a day.

Neem Twigs

A common form of the rural Indian toothbrush, neem twigs can be rubbed on teeth much like toothbrushes. The sap is bitter and one of the best antibacterial medicines ever.

Taking care of your teeth is of the utmost importance. Oral health is one of the most fragile aspects of well-being because your teeth are visible more often than not in the middle of a conversation. On top of that, disabled, infected teeth will cause you a ton of pain and take away the joy of enjoying the foods you like.

So, take care of your teeth while there is still time.

Get Rid Of Dental Plaque and Whiten Your Teeth With These Cheap Methods

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