Powerful Story on the Fight to Overcome Eating Disorders


Sarah has made an amazing transformation, here is her touching story on deciding to overcome anorexia! Follow her on Instagram at @fightforgrowth  and check out our Instagram for more inspiring stories daily!

“I came to a realization one night. It was almost 2 years ago.
My hands lay cold on my chest. I tried to feel for my heartbeat, but the rhythm wasn’t promising.
5 years in battle, and the only victory in my life was that of Ed’ reign. Because as long as breath filled my lungs, there was always more to lose.
And had I won, I wouldn’t be there to claim my prize.
It was almost 2 years ago that I was searching through memories, anything to remember who I was behind the shackles and chains.
As I did, I saw a child. She was dancing as if rooms had no walls. She sang as if the world was her stage. And in between the bites of birthday cake and the candles she blew, she was dressed in bows and smiles, and she was beautiful.
That girl was me.
2 years ago, the harsh realization unfolded.

I was killing this little girl, a girl that did nothing wrong.
For 5 years her dreams were silenced for sins she never made. Her body was starved for faults framed in deceit.
And all this girl ever wanted was to feel beautiful.
2 years ago, I stared in that girl’ eye; I saw injustice I could no longer endure. I tolerated no more.
I gave her my hand and I promised her the world she deserved. I fed her, I cared for her, and I loved her. She thawed with forgiveness, and flourished with gratitude. Her passions were pursued, her vulnerability was empowered. And in all her uncertainties, she held her own hand.
Two years later: she’ still growing.”


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