4 Points On Your Body Which Can Give You The Energy Boost You Need



That tapping or massaging certain points on the human body heals pains and aches. It has been a belief shared by both spiritualism and the medical profession. The arts of reiki and acupuncture are based on the assumption that some of the points in our body are energy meridians.

These points, dubbed acupoints, are places that need to be pressured or tapped vigorously in order for them to give your nerves energetic jolts, which would in turn give you refills of energy.

In acupuncture circles, this system is called the system of four thumps. When these four points on our body are thumped or tapped hard four times, they help ease out nerves, thereby freeing and rejuvenating the body.

The effects are as follows:

  • They give you sense of liveliness, energy, and vitality
  • Boost your metabolism and immunity by helping you fight infections
  • Give you the will to challenge yourself physically
  • Aggravate your natural rhythm and cycles and get your biological clock on time.

Practitioners recommend a four times a day approach.

Here are the four points you need to tap at:

Under the eyes, around, and over your cheekbones

The pathway helps energize the path down the front of your body and down to the stomach meridian through to the second toe.

Energy through this point causes the body to fall into its own rhymes better, to align itself to its rhythm better.


This helps you metabolize things you consume better and also helps boost your immunity.


Helps move the body’s energies move forward in itself. This is a purely energizing thing to do. The place you want to tap at is the clavicle space of the arm, right where the collar girdle or shoulder girdle fits with the ball of the arm.

These are the end-points of the renal meridians. They are the routes of energy that exist under the ball of each foot and then travel up the inside of the leg, then the front of the body, and end at the shoulder girdle.


This lies at the centre of the chest cavity. This is responsible for a lot of functions of immunity of the body.

This is also an important lymph node that produces mature T lymphocytes, which are crucial for fighting infections.

Tapping at it will help it function better.

The spleen

Another huge lymph node, this organ too helps a lot with immunity. It acts as a literal blood filter.

It has two kinds of pulps: red, which produces monocytes and white, which is active in response to infections.

Tapping it will help the organ function better, which will in turn increase oxygenation of the blood and the ease the passage of it, thus helping boost metabolism too.

Taking care of your body is of the essence in times like the ones we live in because of the increased levels of stress and pollution we deal with on a daily basis.


Using this thumping technique will help you be at the top of your game all day and every day.

4 Points On Your Body Which Can Give You The Energy Boost You Need

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