How To Lose Weight Based On The Type Of Your Body



Society has always dictated peoples’ perceptions about what is attractive and what is not. The modern times we live in, despite the widespread liberal awareness about body positivity, are no different, with fashion propaganda defining beauty in certain ways.

The only way one can and should even think of or justify weight loss is because having a good BMI (body mass index) is beneficial for health.

For that, however, a systematic approach is required: you have to know your body type first and then try to lose only the amount of weight you need to in order to have a healthy BMI, according to your body type.

There are three body types and here are the ways to lose weight for each of them:



Ectomorphs are what one might call of the delicate build; this is what you call someone who is a hair’s breadth short of being skinny. For women, it comes with a straighter body shape, while for men it is simply being thin and flat bodied.

For ectomorphs, muscle mass is something that is easily gained and you would want to keep it that way i.e keeping body fats from building up.

You should eat three square meals with good-quality proteins, healthy fats like fish skin and poultry and minimal carbs. Make sure your meals last till the next and on days you don’t exercise, skip the pre-routine meal or breakfast.



Lying in the middle of the spectrum, mesomorphs have a compact build with adequate muscle mass and a good fat ratio.

Gaining muscle mass for individuals of this type is easy and hence HIIT training, plyometrics, combined with healthy fats and proteins will help in keeping a healthy BMI.

On days you don’t work out, try to skip the food you eat normally before the training regime.

Add yoga and pilates training to your routine for increased strength and fitness.

Now, in conclusion, your body is yours and it is your business to like it and keep it in a certain way. If anyone tells you that you are wrong to love yourself and that you look ‘undesirable’ for the lack of a better word, just don’t listen.



Endomorphs have a higher fat ratio and are rounder in their builds, which means a curvy body for women and a broad body, more often with belly fat, for men.

This body type, unlike the former, allows for more fat build-up, rather than muscle mass.

Unlike ectomorphs, who seldom gain weight despite their diets, endomorphs gain weight very easily; and thanks to society’s vice-grip, it becomes very difficult for them to accept it.

But keeping sugar intake and insulin levels in check, working out in whatever is appropriate capacity and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, in general, can go a long way when it comes to boosting metabolism and losing weight.

For you, the challenge will be to keep your metabolism on the higher-than-usual end of the spectrum; green tea, lesser amounts of pre-routine snacks and exercise can work wonders.

Love yourself.

Be healthy.

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