Anxiety and Panic Attacks Are Linked to Vitamin Deficiency



We have always thought that panic attacks are related to situations or surroundings, but not something inside us. To elucidate, it is always a result of events that happen around us that make us panicky. But now, there have been reports that one can also have panic attacks based on their vitamin deficiency.

And that might actually be plausible, for the deficiency of certain hormones is what leads to panic attacks. The vitamin deficiency might add to that. Now, we are not saying that this is the only reason. But, this is one of the many reasons that give someone a panic attack.

While psychiatrists and counselors would always prescribe anti-depressants and other hard medicines to people suffering from chronic panic attacks, that is never the solution. For, how long can a human being survive on chemicals, if they do not understand where they are going wrong? As it stands, there are way more substitutes to fill the deficiency than simply taking medicines. And that would solve the problem.


Vitamin B6

There have been several studies conducted which all point towards the same thing- Vitamin B6 is a major mood regulator and is important to balance the serotonin levels in the body. This serotonin is what keeps us happy and content throughout the day, without adding to our troubles of everyday life and depressing us.

Now, this lack of B6 would lead to a depletion of serotonin levels in the body that would result in anxiety attacks and panic attacks. There was a study conducted to check the vitamin deficiency levels in subjects. It was seen that patients that had hyperventilation or anxiety attacks had lesser levels of B6 than patients who were completely fine. Vitamin B6 also leads to phobias and other mental ailments.


Lack of iron in the body has an almost similar effect like Vitamin B6. People lacking iron suffer from anemia, but it doesn’t end there. Lack of iron also leads to a lack of serotonin synthesis that prevents our moods from being balanced. It also leads to psychotic attacks, sudden bursts of rage and bouts of depression. Also associated are fatigue and weakness.


It has also been found that iron deficiency can severely affect the growth of a child as it leads to ADHD, OCD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and heavy mood polarizations. Iron in the brain is necessary for maintaining the homeostasis of the entire body, as well as influencing the hormonal balance that is crucial to development. If that is disrupted, then the numbers would keep increasing and more people will suffer from mental problems while having to rely on drugs for relief.

It is crucial that people are made aware of what goes inside one’s body so that they are able to combat it efficiently. For, medicines weaken the immune system of a body while trying to heal it. Therefore the best way to take care of this situation is not to let it go beyond one’s control, but simply know what’s what. The next step is to consult a doctor or psychiatrist because that will definitely help. Popping pills won’t!

Anxiety and Panic Attacks Are Linked to Vitamin Deficiency

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