Exercise According To Your Age And Stay Healthy



We have been blessed with only one body and we have to keep it ship-shape and make it last till our last breath.

We owe this to our body for lugging us around all these years; to keep it well-tuned and in prime condition with regular exercises according to our age and the capacity to withstand the exercises.

We age every day and physically we are not the same we were a decade ago. At 40 we cannot work out with the same intensity as at 20. Metabolism decreases and the body recovers at a much slower pace. Our muscles lose mass and are replaced by fat, which accumulates faster.

Exercises For Those Aged Between 20 And 29

You are at the peak of your energy and your body is still growing. But this is also the time when you start to diet. Even strenuous workouts are within your range and you can choose between the gym, yoga, or various sports and martial arts.


It benefits all age groups and you can start at any age. It contributes to your total growth- physical, mental, and spiritual. But you have to begin under the right trainer. Yoga is a combination of simple postures, exercises, and breath-control. Once you get the basics right, you can go for more complex postures. Start any day but the earlier the better.

Hitting The Gym

At your peak, you can work out at a gym for long and can withstand taxing schedules. Good professional trainers should guide you at the initial stages.


Interact with the instructor and convey your fitness goals to design a tailor-made package including the diet. Start under strict supervision as errors can cause permanent damage.

Just Some Jogging

This is a clean and simple way to stay fit. It is only about running at your own pace. You decide on the distance. Jogging can be done even indoors on a treadmill.

Limber up and do some freehand exercises before a jog. Keep a bottle of water with you and if it is cross-country, keep a phone!


Kickboxing or any other martial art is a combination of superb physical fitness and self-defense. You are rewarded with a lean body that is both strong and fit.

Indoor Cycling

Also called spinning, this is a great way to rapidly burn some calories as this cardio makes you sweat and strengthens your legs and tones your stomach.

Boot Camps

These military-style camps are ideal for this age group and cover high-intensity exercises within a stipulated time.

Exercising In The 30s

The biggest challenge is losing weight and exercises are tuned to this purpose. The body slows down considerably but you can continue with a reduced regime. Take regular breaks and opt for games like tennis or go for aerobics.

The Subdued 40s

You need to reduce the intensity of your workout. Give priority to balancing exercises. Yoga is a great exercise at this age as it is effective and gentle on the body.

Above 50

Your regime should consider if you have blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. Brisk walking, yoga, and light jogging can be done keeping in mind the body’s ability to recover.



Even 5 minutes of aerobics can do wonders. It burns calories, reduces BP, controls cholesterol, and also boosts the energy level.

Mild Stretching

Even raising your hands and retaining them in that position will strengthen your upper body and improve circulation.

Simple exercises like these should be made a part of your daily life. You don’t always need a controlled setting or professional advice. Do it alone for a change.

Exercise According To Your Age And Stay Healthy

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