10 Fast and Healthy Ways to Get Rid of Water Weight



Fluid retention is something that is not just uncomfortable physically, but also poses serious health issues if left untreated. It has a certain tendency to become a norm for our body if it is not treated thereby making it a long-term problem.

However, in most cases, it is mild and goes away on its own in 10-15 mins. For a working person who has a certain image to portray, it often causes the most inconvenience, especially working women who already have more on their plates than their male peers.

Here are ten things that can help you out:

1. Daily exercise in appropriate amounts

This helps you lose weight in general and not just Edema-related fluid weight. The way it does the latter is by helping your muscles eject more and more water and grow tougher and stronger.

However, make sure to rehydrate yourself appropriately, before and after your exercise regimen.

2. Sleep

At night, people produce more and more insulin and leptin, which helps in food utilization and reduces retention. One thing the body makes a point to store with food is water. So sleep better and as much as you can without harming your life in order to improve your metabolizm and remain healthier in general.

3. Reduce sodium intake

When there are too many solute ions like Na+ in your system, the body craves and retains more and more fluid in order to utilize them. This makes it essential to manage the intake of salt and electrolyte solutions if you have a tendency for water retention.

4. Managing stress

Stress hormones like cortisol and other steroid hormones from the renal glands make it difficult for the body to lose water. They encourage retention, expecting the body to be in a flight or fight situation for extended periods of time.

5. Proper water intake

If the body has enough water throughout the day, it will stop retaining it as it will trigger the stress center in the brain to stop secreting stress hormones, which in turn will stop fluid retention.


6. Magnesia supplements

These supplements are tried and tested methods to reduce water retention by the human bodies and have been proved, by the University of Reading, to be especially effective for and in menstruating women.

7. Increase potash intake

Fruits like banana and spices like cumin have higher quantities of potash and it helps reduce water retention. This can increase urination, thanks to its diuretic nature, which in turn will also help lose excess water.

8. Reduce carb intake

Carbs normally require water for metabolising and also for retention. And too much of carbs are more often than not emulsified into fatty acids and stored by the body, which not only causes fluid retention, but also weight gain.

9. Take anti-diuretics in healthy amounts

Things like green tea, normal tea, and coffee are well-known diuretics and also kill appetite. It further reduces the urge to retain water by the body, an effect of general digestion.

10. Change your habits if they do not include a certain degree of physical activity

Sedentary, corporate environments are infamous for their adverse effects on health. So if you have a 9-5 job, make sure to stretch out and walk about a little every now and then.

Better health to you!

10 Fast and Healthy Ways to Get Rid of Water Weight

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