6 Ways to Make Your Lips Feel and Look Their Very Best


Our lips are a delicate part of our bodies. Skin is thicker in most parts of our body other than our lips. This, in turn, means that it is much easier to injure our lips as they are so thin and vulnerable.

Also, being different than the skin on most of our body parts, lips do not have pigment nor do they contain oil producing glands. This indicates that they can dry out easily and get sunburns. It is definitely an unpleasant and irksome feeling to have chapped and dry lips. But taking care of them is not necessarily difficult. Here are six ways to take care of your lips:

  1. Limiting exposure to weather

Just like any other body part, weather extremes can be hard on your lips. Unshielded lips can cause sunburns and windburn. Also, in places with dry air, the lips are prone to drying very easily.

  1. Shielding lips with Lip Balm

Having a roll of lip balm to moisturize your lips on the go is an effective strategy to prevent lips from chapping or drying. Lip balms which have phenol however, should be avoided at best. They encourage exfoliation of skin, thus making your lips dry in the long run.

  1. Hydration Is Your Friend

It is important to consume a healthy amount of water each day to ensure proper hydration. Spending your day in a place with dry climate is bound to dry out your lips. Keep drinking lots of water to your skin moisturized.

  1. Exhaling With Your Mouth Is Not Your Friend

If your nose is clogged or you have a tendency to sleep with your mouth wide open, it is obvious that you may have noticed that the lips tend to dry out. That is because breathing from your mouth blows air on the lips.

A decongestant and saline spray are good remedies for stuffiness. In case breathing out of the mouth is the problem, buying nasal strips might serve as an appropriate solution. Nasal strips aid in keeping nasal airways free and open so that the mouth can remain shut during your sleep.

  1. Licking and Biting Lips Is a No No


Dry lips can make you lick or bite them, which in turn can aggravate irritation and chapping. As a result, sores can form or it might cause bleeding. In the event that you’re a person with a habit of licking your lips, apply a lip balm to try and undo this habit.

  1. Correct Deficiencies in Your Vitamin Levels

Addressing the lack of vitamins is a simple step. In case you experience cracking in your lips, you might require addressing a shortage of proper nutrients like vitamins in your food. The B7 vitamin and lack of biotin can cause lip cracking troubles.

In case dry lips are a general problem you face regularly, you may have a deficiency of vitamin B12. It can either be supplemented by eating food rich in vitamin B12 or consuming a B12 vitamin tablet.

Iron deficiencies can also result in issues with your lips which can be corrected by consuming a multivitamin in addition to ensuring a good supply of iron-rich foods.

Follow these easy remedies to keep your lips protected and keep smiling confidently!

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