6 Important Signs You’re Consuming Too Much Sugar



We love sugar – somehow our body is conditioned to love it. It provides us energy and since our body requires a lot of energy, it desires sugar. But while it might crave sugar a lot, it does not mean that we can take in a lot of it. Our body has a delicate mechanism and everything must be in balance. An excess of sugar can cause a lot of issues in our body.

If you are facing any of these problems, then the chances are that you are taking in a lot more sugar than you should:

You have a desire for sugar

Sugar has a tendency to cause addiction. It can create a form of a chain reaction that will make you want to have more sugar. As an addict, you might feel the lack of energy and want more of it or else you might be feeling exhausted most of the time. But when you do have sugar, there might be a short burst of energy, which will be followed by an immediate form of exhaustion, a sign that you are eating too much sugar.

Gaining more weight

Sugar does not contain any fiber or protein. So technically, the amount of sugar we burn, the more calories we produce. As we burn sugar, it triggers the production of insulin which directs the sugar in specific channels so that it gives us the much-needed energy. But when there is too much sugar intake, the body can’t understand how to balance out the insulin production and this results in insulin opposition. The more insulin obstruction takes place, the more weight is gained, as the pancreas start to get overpowered.


Too much sugar intake can result in problems of our immune system and this will further result in a lack of defense against cold or flu viruses. Thus, if you diminish taking in sugar, you will have a stronger immune system.


Foods taste less sweet

According to Alpert, when you have an excess intake of sugar, then you will create a tolerance towards the sweetness of sugar. Your taste buds will expand and food will taste less sweet. Chances are that if you control your sugar intake then the taste buds will contract and you will gain your sugar-tasting abilities back.

Hazy brain

One of the major symptoms of having a high intake of sugar is mind haze. That is when you suddenly feel hazy and it generally occurs after you have supper. The sugar levels climb up quickly and then it drops suddenly which results in mind haze. If this occurs, then it’s time to consult a doctor and start limiting sugar-based products.

Skin issues

When sugar is taken in excess then there is a chance that you will start to have some provocative skin diseases, like rosacea, dermatitis, and dryness. If you drop the intake, then the conditions are likely to recover on their own. On top of all that, Dr Sherri Greene has said that since sugar has the tendency to provoke your skin, it can also cause plantar fasciitis – a condition that thickens the tissue on the soles and heels. It can also result in adrenaline exhaustion which can cause dark circles to form under the eyes.

Sugar intake is a pertinent issue and if you are already facing any of these factors, start to limit your sugar intake. And it’s best if you take the help of a doctor and dietician while you are doing so. Best of luck.

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