5 Face Signals Of Insufficient Nutrition



A lot of people are deficient in some important vitamins or minerals or the other. This isn’t an issue that should be easily dismissed because it could lead to serious illnesses that might even end up being fatal. One such issue worldwide is that many people are severely lacking in Vitamin A. This has been the cause of death for millions of children. Many are also suffering because they are deficient in Vitamin D.

It is essential that we diagnose these issues early on and look for ways to correct them so that they don’t become more severe and complex over time. Our face can provide some useful clues.

Facial Markers Of Nutrient Deficiency:

1. Colorless Lips


This is the usual indicator of iron deficiency.Iron is an essential nutrient. One of the primary uses of iron is that it is required by our red blood cells to circulate oxygen throughout our body. People deficient in iron will tire very quickly. Include more leafy greens, lentils, and raisins in your diet. Dark chocolate has high iron content so you can treat yourself now and then too.

2. Lusterless Hair

If your hair is drying out and breaking, you most likely have a Vitamin B7 deficiency. This vitamin improves the functioning of your nervous system and is also important for the metabolic workings of your liver. Also known as biotin, you’ll find it in peas, legumes, sunflower seeds, fungi, etc.

3. Puffed Up Eyes

While this could also be due to an erratic sleep cycle, this is a possible indicator for the lack of iodine. It is used by your thyroid gland to produce the hormones which ensure that damaged cells are repaired. Iodine also ensures that your metabolic functions are working as they should.

4. Bloody Gums

If your gums are bloody, you are most definitely lacking in Vitamin C. Your nose will also start bleeding now and then and your joints will be swollen. Deficiency of Vitamin C also causes a disease called Scurvy which is characterized by fatigue, sore muscles, low red blood cell count, etc. Vegetables like broccoli, spinach, and other leafy greens as well as fruits like oranges and lemons are rich in Vitamin C.

5. Paleness Of The Skin


A Vitamin B12 deficiency is characterized by a sudden change in the color of your skin. If you’re becoming really pale for seemingly no reason, this is probably the cause. This is the vitamin that ensures that the nerve and blood cells are healthy. It also helps in manufacturing DNA in all the cells. Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to megaloblastic anemia which leaves you fatigued and worn out. Supplements are necessary for those already dealing with this issue. Pastured eggs and cheese free of rennet are also rich in Vitamin B12.

Prevention is always better than cure so ensure that you eat a balanced diet containing all these different vitamins and minerals every day. It will also keep you healthier in the long run and prevent the onset of age-related diseases.

5 Face Signals Of Insufficient Nutrition

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