5 Signs Your Water Retention and Swelling Are Warning Something More Serious



The human body has about 70% water in it. There can be alterations in the water level leading to internal or external swelling. While sometimes it may be completely harmless, it can also be dangerous if neglected. Oftentimes swelling can be an indicator of some kind of injury or internal changes which demand attention. If, by any chance, the water retention that causes swelling is accompanied by discoloration of your skin or stiffness in your joints, you must find the root of your problem. These 5 signs will help you understand the hidden implications of swelling:

Heart Failure

Do you know that most heart-related problems are a result of ignoring what could be a possible warning sign? If you have swelling in any part of the body, you might be fooled into thinking that it is a hormonal issue, when it actually is related to your heart. Retention of fluid is double trouble for the ones with a medical history of heart problems. Failure of the heart can lead to a drastic change in blood pressure level. This condition will induce water retention. The swelling will be visible in the legs and will eventually affect the lungs.

Kidney trouble


The kidney is actually a storehouse where all your bodily fluids and waste are dumped. Then, blood reabsorbs whatever it can put to proper use and the waste is passed out as urine. If, by any chance, the blood supply to the kidneys is hampered, there can be complications. If the waste is done away with, extra water is retained, leading to swelling.

Capillary problems

Did you know that swelling can indicate vein problems?  If valves are partially closed, the blood does not reach your heart leading to water retention in the legs, more specifically near the ankles. It can also be because your capillary walls leak. If the blood pressure level is not maintained and the walls are leaking, the extra liquid will take up the gap between cells.

Issues of the lymphatic system

Too much of anything is a matter of concern. If there is excess lymph fluid in the bloodstream, it will gradually damage the whole lymphatic system. The fluid will clog the space around tissues if it doesn’t flow smoothly. A congested system will slow the rate at which the fluid is pushed back into the blood. Lymphedema, a very uncommon disease, can also be the cause of water retention.

Case of cirrhosis

What is cirrhosis? It is a case of the damaged liver leading to obstruction of blood flow. It can cause swelling in the lower body parts and must be treated immediately.

Don’t ignore these signs lest they lead to more dangers. Seek medical help and take care.

5 Signs Your Water Retention and Swelling Are Warning Something More Serious

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