Chlorophyll- The Best Detoxifying Plant



Chlorophyll is something that we all have heard about and we also know that plants absolutely require chlorophyll to function. But does it hold any beneficial properties for humans?

Well, chlorophyll is the pigment in plants that is in charge of the absorption of sunlight to convert it to energy, which is known as photosynthesis. So, what is it that links this green pigment in plants to humans? Well, chlorophyll has cancer-preventing properties, protects our DNA, as well as blocks the occurrence of carcinogenic effects in our bodies. Amongst all the benefits that chlorophyll has for humans, here are five of those:-

5 Confirmed Benefits

  1. Assists in fighting cancer

Research has established that liquid chlorophyllin and chlorophyll can attach to possible carcinogens and inhibit how they happen to be absorbed inside the human digestive pathway. This stops them from being dispersed within the body and spreading to susceptible tissues like the ones in the joints or the heart.

  1. Assists the liver in detoxifying processes

Additional ways in which chlorophyll protects bodily tissues and healthy cells is by boosting phase II biotransformation enzymes. These enzymes work in promoting optimal liver function and hence, the body’s regular removal of possibly harmful contaminants. Research involving animals have shown that chlorophyllin might lessen the threat of liver cancer and aflatoxin-induced liver impairment. It also increases the action of phase II enzymes to get rid of bodily toxins.

  1. Makes wounds heal faster

Chlorophyllin appears to slow down the rate of multiplication of detrimental bacteria which makes it beneficial in terms of wound healing as well as preventing infections. From the 1940s, certain ointments which were designed to restore stubborn open wounds have added chlorophyllin as their ingredient. It’s been established to benefit in lowering inflammation that can be caused by wounds or injuries as well as regulate smells which can be caused by germ accumulation.

  1. Aids weight control and digestion

Chlorophyll is also considered to improve detoxification by speeding up the process of waste elimination, reducing constipation, and balancing fluids in the body. Moreover, the initial investigation shows chlorophyll assists metabolism and escalates the probability of achievements in losing weight.

  1. Skin protection

There’s some indication that chlorophyll aids in keeping skin healthy due to its antiviral properties, letting it halt the growth of cold sores in the genital area or in the mouth triggered by herpes. Research has also found that chlorophyll in creams or ointments for the skin helps lessen the number of sores which appear. It also speeds up the time they take to heal, which in turn renders it as a natural treatment for herpes.

How does Chlorophyll work?

Chlorophyll is an abundant pigment that exists in all varieties of green plants. It obviously includes all the vegetables that are usually eaten by us. Not to forget the leafy green that we all have been taught to consume since our childhoods.

The TBGRI (Tropical Botanic Garden and Research Institute) from India has discovered that chlorophyll that is present in green leaves has very strong anti-inflammatory properties against harmful bacteria as well as other toxins.

Another benefit of chlorophyll is that it also aids weight loss by limiting appetite hormones. It also controls obesity-related health issues without the potential risk of most manufactured weight-loss medications.


Food Sources which are Rich in Chlorophyll

The best method of increasing chlorophyll intake is by consuming green vegetables and other sources, such as algae. Here are other ways to ramp up the chlorophyll content in your diet:

  1. Green leafy vegetables: Kale, Swiss chard, and spinach.
  2. Lightly cooked food or even raw food.
  3. Chlorophyllin supplements.
  4. Liquid chlorophyll and other popular sources.
  5. Chlorella.

Can chlorophyll be toxic?

Any natural source of chlorophyll is not toxic. Food that is rich in chlorophyll is not high in the concentration of chlorophyll that might cause any bodily problems.

The possible side-effects that occur are mild indigestion or diarrhea, change of color of feces or urine, and temporary tongue discoloration. But it is important to keep in mind that these are not caused by food containing chlorophyll but by supplemental chlorophyllin.

Conclusively, consuming chlorophyll-rich food is going to help the liver detoxify the body, fight cancer, improve metabolism. It also helps in maintaining weight, skin health, and speeds up the healing of wounds.

Chlorophyll- The Best Detoxifying Plant

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