Unknown Facts About Vitamin B9



Vitamin B9 is also known as Folic acid, something that is used frequently in supplements and protein builders. But what is most interesting about it is perhaps the fact that they work with other B vitamins in order to build the very carbohydrates and proteins we eat. In fact, we might actually look very different if not for this vitamin. It provides the nutrients that are necessary for our skin, tissues, and hair. It also affects the way we think. So, let’s just consider Vitamin B9 to be actually a very big deal.

Here are some amazing facts about it:


Vitamin B9 is probably mostly used in pregnancy. Extra doses are required for the proper growth of the neural tube in the unborn fetuses. And without the proper dosage of Vitamin B9, the neural tube might actually turn out defective, leading to problems like palsy in the child. For the neural tube works for the nervous system. There are thousands of feticide that take place every year because the mother didn’t stock up on this necessary vitamin.


Something that most of us suffer from in this generation. But what is not known is that it occurs mostly due to the deficiency of Vitamin Bs, like B12 and B9. So, if this deficiency can be reduced by consuming more vitamins, depression can be curbed up to a huge level. It has also been seen that when anti-depressants lack this vitamin, they tend to not work in males mostly.

B9 Toxicity

Simply a myth, for if something is water soluble, you can never really have enough of it. When the body considers it to be extra, it flushes it off. So, inadequacy is a much bigger problem than toxicity. Yet, it is advised that you don’t eat much from canned products, because the vitamins get reduced during packaging and processing. And when they are cooked, they lose some more of it. Nothing says more like fresh foods. Infact, steam more than boil, whenever possible!


Vitamin B9 reduces the chance of strokes in males and females alike. It also increases the fertility level. But apart from pregnancy, what is most important is the decreased risk of colorectal cancer. It also helps in reducing homocysteine levels.


Its deficiency can have far reaching problems like glossitis, diarrhea, anemia, and pregnancy complications.



The foods you should consume for Vitamin B9 are as follows-

Yeast Extract



Brussels Sprout







Up to 12 months, there is no fixed limit for the body’s consumption, but as a human grows, the intake needs to be increased. The consumption should at least be 400 milligrams in a normal adult per day. Shouldn’t be something out of the ordinary, for everything needs to be increased with age.

It is important that the vitamin balance in the body is properly maintained because it would lead to huge problems if it is not done. It is useful to always keep a diet chart with you that you can consult while preparing a meal, which should help you figure out what you need and when.

Unknown Facts About Vitamin B9

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