The Number Of Hours You Should Sleep Based On How Old You Are



If you don’t sleep properly, all of your body’s functions become jeopardized. But the number of hours you’ll need to sleep to keep your metabolism working properly varies with age. It is absolutely necessary for you to get good sleep if you wish to stay on top of your game. You just have to ensure that you sleep as much as you need to depending on which age group you fall into.

Neo-Natal Period (The First Three Months)

Soon after birth, babies tend to sleep through most of the day. They sleep for almost eighteen hours in the first seven days of their lives. This comes down to about half a day thirty days after their birth. The problem for most new parents would be that babies tend to sleep only for a couple of hours before waking up, crying or fussing.

Infanthood (Third To Eleventh Month)

Babies finally start settling into a more regular sleep cycle. They’ll snooze for a couple of hours a few times during the day before snuggling in for a good nine hours or so during night time. However, they might wake up after sleeping for around six hours because they’ll need to be changed or fed.

Terrible Twos (From The Age Of One To Two)

The way your child is growing both mentally and physically will determine their sleep patterns in this period. By the time they’re a year and a half old, their growth plays a major part in the nature of their sleep. A few even stay awake throughout the day by the time they turn two.

Kindergarten Years (From The Age Of Three To Five)

No matter how much your kid resists it, the truth is that they need to be taught to stick to a schedule at this age. They have to sleep for at least twelve hours every night in order to grow healthier and not be cranky. At the same time, your child is also learning that there’s a lot to explore around them, so be prepared to struggle while putting them to bed.

Going To School (From The Age Of Six To Their Teens)

While kids still need about ten hours of sleep every night, their sleep cycle will vary depending on the tasks they perform throughout the day. Don’t offer them anything too exciting or sugary before bed, otherwise, you’ll have a lot of difficulties getting them to settle in.

Teens (From The Age Of Fourteen To Seventeen)

At this age, the sleep cycle is affected because kids go to sleep later than usual on school nights and try to sleep extra on holidays. This confuses their bodies and makes them restless.

Young Adults (From The Age Of Eighteen To Twenty Five)

It is common knowledge that people in this phase of their lives don’t sleep as much as they should. Most of them only sleep for six hours on most days when they should be getting at least seven hours.


Adulthood (From The Age Of Twenty Six To Sixty Four)

How much each person will need to sleep depends on their physiology but ideally, adults need to sleep for seven hours at the very least. At this point, stretches of unbroken sleep are more necessary than ten hours of interrupted sleep.

Old Age (Over The Age Of Sixty Five)

As time passes, you’ll find it more difficult to get proper sleep. Usually, people at this stage sleep for about seven hours but their sleep is often fitful and restless.

The Number Of Hours You Should Sleep Based On How Old You Are

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