Here Is How Much Walking You Need to Lose Weight



Walking is an easy and enjoyable way of losing weight and one that is preferred by many. How you walk can determine the amount of weight you lose. You won’t even have to force yourself to commit to diet or pay for expensive gyms because you can shed 20 lbs if you walk enough.

Not only does it help you get healthier, walking also defines and tones your muscles. Keep reading to learn some good work outs that make you walk better and shed more pounds.

How Much Do You Need To Walk To Lose Weight?

The amount you currently weigh and the kind of terrain you are walking on are the factors that will majorly influence how much weight you’ll lose. You will be burning up to 400 kcal in an hour if you walk at a speed of just 4 miles per hour on average. Rather than just going for a 4 mile walk, if you push yourself to go another 3 miles, you will be burning another 300 kcal over and above the 400 you’ve already burned. By incorporating your walking into your daily routine, you can also walk for short stretches at regular intervals. Buying a pedometer will also ensure that you properly implement your new schedule and lose weight.


How Can Pedometers Help?

Wearing a pedometer can actually help you lose more weight. By monitoring your everyday work out, it allows you to keep track of your weight loss and helps you achieve your goals. It counts the number of steps you walk everyday so you’ll be able to see if you have to work out more to see the results you desire. Ideally you must place it close to your waist as you walk.

What Is The Number Of Steps You Need To Walk To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals?

For those who walk to lose weight, a minimum of 2000 steps per mile is necessary in order to burn 100 kcal per mile. With your pedometer, you can see how many steps you’ve taken, the number of calories you have burned and the distance you’ve covered. Just increasing the number of steps you take each day can help you lose weight without any additional exercise.

To lose one pound every week, you need to burn at least 500 kcal per day. In order to do so you need to walk ten thousand steps each day. The best way to do this is to make it part of your normal routine. You don’t have to do it all at once. Begin at a pace you’re comfortable with and work your way up gradually. Simple changes like walking back to and from your office, parking further away than usual, taking the stairs everywhere and walking to the store can create bigger changes than you think.


Spice It Up!

Make your walks as interesting as possible. Keep changing your route so you explore all the playgrounds and parks that are within walking distance from where you are. You can also play some music or listen to the radio, podcasts, or audio books. If you’re lucky enough to own a treadmill, you can even keep up with the series you’ve been binge watching. Partnering up with some friends will also ensure that you don’t get bored and that you stay motivated. These changes will ensure that you don’t get bored and frustrated.

Workouts Within Workouts

To see better results, you can exercise more even while walking. Keep your eyes focused in front of you, lift your chin high and ensure that your abdomen stays tight. Squeezing your glutes also helps. You will soon see better results than if you simply walked around.

How Much Time Do You Need To Spend Walking?

Before you make any ambitious plans, talk to your physician to see what you can handle in the beginning. Most people can start by going on 20 minutes walks thrice a week. Gradually, you can increase that to hour-long walks every single day.

Soon enough, you’ll find yourself losing weight even though you’re not dieting. Simultaneously, walking will help you feel calmer and less stressed.

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