Do You Know How The Wi-Fi Enabled Devices In Your Home Are Slowly Poisoning You?


We all have Wi-Fi enabled devices in our homes. This extremely useful modern invention has a dark side to it. It can greatly affect the health of the youngsters who generally handle them. Thus the Wi-Fi affects several things, particularly the well being of the mind and quality of sleep of those who frequently use it.

The Dangers Lurking

Impairs Childhood Development

Radiation from Wi-Fi can disrupt general cell advancement. This is particularly true in the case of fetal development. This radiation harms developing tissues in children. As they are minors, they are more susceptible than normal people to the impact of radiation and are thus in greater danger.

The Brain Functions Are Disturbed

Wi-Fi has an influence on the working of the cerebrum. This diminishes the function of the brain. You may face difficulty in your thought process and have trouble remembering.

Aggravates Insomnia


Wi-Fi has a deep impact on our sleep. If you are one of those who do cannot sleep easily, it could be caused by the low frequency of radiation from Wi-Fi and mobile phones. If youngsters are subjected to electromagnetic radiations, the cause of insomnia becomes more aggravated. This, in turn, has a natural adverse effect on the wellbeing of all youngsters.

Affects Your Heart

In the case of sensitive individuals, the response to any electromagnetic frequencies is greater. Wi-Fi thus increases the risk of illness caused by cardiovascular maladies.

Kills Your Sperms

It has been said that Wi-Fi affects a man’s virility. It influences the development of sperm and causes DNA to fracture. Wi-Fi also decreases the change of unwanted and defective pregnancy.

Increases Your Chance Of Cancer

Electromagnetic radiation exposure greatly increases the chances of tumor formation. Continued exposure could also turn then malignant.

Ways To Protect Yourself From Wi-Fi Radiation
  1. Do not install a remote switch inside your room or kitchen.
  2. Do not keep the cell phone inside your pocket.
  3. Use landline connection whenever possible to minimize the chance of radiation from electromagnetic fields.
  4. Keep the cell phone away from your stomach in case you are pregnant.
  5. Keep the phones away from you when you are in your room.
  6. Use messages to communicate as much as possible and avoid speaking over the phone.
  7. Do not use remote screens for children as they all rely on microwave frequency.
  8. Before retiring for the night, disengage every Wi-Fi gadget that is connected to prevent harm.

There are also several electromagnetic devices to help counter the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies. Keep your family and yourself safe in this modern and tech-dependant world of ours. While wi-fi has become a necessity now, from studies to work, try to avoid it whenever possible. When not in use, disconnect and keep the devices away from you to lead a long and healthy life.

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