Color Of Period Blood Can Reveal A Lot About Your Health



Let us talk about periods – something very natural but still a taboo topic in a lot of countries. You might want to watch “’Period. End of Sentence” that won an Oscar this year in the Best Documentary Short Award category. It is available on Netflix. The thing about menstruation is that it varies from person to person.

While someone may have a short period with no cramps whatsoever, someone else might be bedridden with back pain. There are a lot of speculations regarding PMS or Pre-menstrual stress which focus on how women become moody during this period and binge eat a lot of sugar. People even think that period pain is overrated.

Honesty, we would like to quote Rachael from “Friends”- “no uterus, no opinion.” Did you know that your period blood can reveal how healthy you actually are? Here is what we know:

Bright Red Blood

During the beginning of your cycle, you are most likely to see bright red blood. It means that the lining of your uterus is shedding. It is very common to have cramps and it will not be pleasant. Try the hot water bottle remedy for help or take medicines if needed. This color of blood is also associated with a miscarriage or a ruptured cyst in the ovary – but it is RARE. Please don’t push the panic button already!

Dark Red Blood

It usually indicates that the blood has been there in your body for a long time. Dark red blood is common near the end of your menstrual cycle because of high estrogen levels. A thick uterus lining and a slow shedding rate can also be the reason behind this color. It is normal and there is nothing to worry about.

Black or Brown Blood

This is a common thing at the end of a long period cycle. Usually, it is not something you see on normal flow days and that is fine.

Light-Colored Spots

Have you noticed pink or light red spots before your cycle? This is indicative of low estrogen levels. Consult a gynecologist as this means you have a hormonal imbalance. Keep track of the dates and see if you are missing periods. If yes, go to the doctor immediately.

Orange Blood

Orange blood may have a kind of ‘slippery’ texture and that is normal. However, if you notice that the blood has an odor, it indicates the presence of cervical fluids. This might be a warning sign of vaginal infection or Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Go to the doctor before it gets more complicated.

Clotting Of Blood

This is completely normal and is frequent during the last few days of your period. During your menstrual cycle, Protein Fibrin initiates the platelets which make the blood clot. You might even see white spots in the clots which is natural. However, if there is more than usual clotting accompanied by a very heavy flow, it might indicate a miscarriage. If you are really concerned, go with your gut feeling and get a checkup done immediately.

Hopefully, periods won’t be a problem any more – except, the terrible cramps, that is. Have a great health!

Color Of Period Blood Can Reveal A Lot About Your Health

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