Bulimia, A Disturbing Form Of Physical And Psychological Stress



Bulimia is a common disease that is an eating disorder. More than a being physical disorder, it is a psychological disorder where a person, generally teenagers, feels complexities about being overweight. They develop a fanaticism towards the reduction of weight after having eaten a lot. And, in order to get rid of the excess weight, they end up fasting and puking. Such puking is not a natural one.

People try to self-induce this form of vomiting, at times by choking themselves by inserting two fingers inside the throat. Forced vomiting leads to exhaustion of the body and a tendency to make one fall sick. This is a kind of disorder that is consciously done. People overeat regularly and then suddenly want to get rid of it fast. Bulimia can lead to depression as well. The constant inferiority complex that one faces and the tireless striving to get rid of those extra layers of fat automatically gives rise to helplessness.

Listed here are a few ways in which this condition could be dealt with:

1. Acceptance is the greatest key to all miseries. You know that your eating habit has long gone out of your control and now you have to control it. However, before attempting to change your dietary routine, understanding and accepting the fact that your routine is actually out of order is very necessary. It might be very difficult for you to switch to a new habit once you have been accommodated to the previous unhealthy food habit, but it needs to be done.

2. Try talking about your problem to someone you trust. It is indeed a matter of great courage to actually open up about your shortcomings before someone. But, if you want to an exit out your misery, talk about it. This might also help you release the stacked up tension.


3. Try to maintain a company of people who would not make you think about bulimia a lot. Avoid the kind of over-conscious people who keep on talking about dietary routines and weight loss. Keep fitness freaks away. They will continue to make you conscious and increase your will to actually reducing eating to a greater extent.

4. It is not exactly obesity that makes one feel so low. The major side-effect of bulimia is the feeling of negativity, distaste, and displeasure that one develops towards one’s own body after it has put on some pounds. Obesity leads to such feelings, but one needs to overcome these. Hence, it is important to introspect as to why it makes you feel so low. If it is your image that is causing the trouble, one need not be worried about it, for all are created differently. Self -introspection can reduce the feeling of inferiority complex.

5. Try to deviate yourself by thinking and doing something else. Try going out on movies, enjoy with friends, listen to good music or join some extra-curricular classes to keep those thoughts away. The lesser you think about it, the better you would feel about yourself.

6. Consult a nutritionist instead of taking up steps by yourself. Try to have a healthy diet instead of completely cutting short of your food. Have healthy food instead.

These steps will definitely bring a change in your mental and physical being. Take care!

Bulimia, A Disturbing Form Of Physical And Psychological Stress

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