6 Foods That Can Help You Heal Sore Throat



Whether you live in the tropics or not, sore throats are universal. Sometimes, you might get afflicted due to something you had eaten, and other times, due to the general climate of the region. Nothing fatal though, unless it has been left undiagnosed for a really long time.

With the advancement in modern medicine, it is very easy to cure a sore throat with Vicks or Ibuprofen. But a sore throat is more of a nuisance than an actual threat. Then, why look for a pharmacy when you can fix it at home? Wouldn’t cost you much either, would it?

Let’s take a look at these home remedies:


Sadly, we aren’t talking about the candy. Interestingly, if licorice is immersed in hot water and then drank, it leads to the growth of T-Cells, which build up the immunity needed against a sore throat. This was originally tested on mice, and later on humans, but is deemed safe for all. Also, people who have tracheotomy or other throat related problems could gurgle licorice water.



This is really good in case of inflammation. Have some dried sage steeped in a bowl of hot water, or you could also simply include it in your soup. Not just now, but this formula has been used since ancient times.

Ice cream

A bit of a doozy, isn’t it? Well, according to the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, ice cream or any other cold dairy product would not increase your coughing or sneezing. Rather, it would alleviate the burning, while also being tasty. So, don’t worry about it making it worse and grab that sundae.



Always the first choice, if you belong to a family of tea-enthusiasts. Stir up some good, ole’ ginger tea, and watch as it reduces your coughing and prevents further inflammation. You could also try out several new varieties that help in reducing stress in your body.


Something you can include in various other products, honey has traditionally been used against a sore throat, owing to it being anti-bacterial, and containing anti-oxidants, that helps sore throats. Also, it prevents inflammation, and finally, doesn’t it taste just great?

Why not add it to your tea and make it doubly effective?


Again, something that you can add in your tea to make it delicious, ginger might look weird when left alone, but it does help in reducing soreness when it is added to tea or some other products. It also has several anti-inflammatory constituents that help with irritation. So, add it to your tea along with honey, and witness their power.


These are generally effective against a sore throat or inflammation, but in the event that it doesn’t help, you can always go for allopathy or homeopathy. No harm was done anyway, as these products are completely home-made, and would never have any side effects, whatsoever.

So, give them a try?

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