10 Body Pains You Should Never Ignore



Needless to say, your body is your temple and you need to take care of it. Anything that affects your body in a negative way is bound to affect your general well-being. Not only would it physically derail you, but it would also be mentally taxing to do something. You would be unfocused and would generally be morose throughout the day.

And that is not done. Your productivity and your efficiency define you as a human. If you end up staying inactive, not only will you sink deep into depression, but you will also lose interest in actually getting off the couch and doing something. You won’t feel rejuvenated, which is essential to living.

One can understand that the busy schedule one follows through, taking care can be tricky at times. We usually shrug off anything that we consider trivial. The catch is, what we consider trivial might not really be so. A small ache in the joints might end up as spondylitis, you never know. At the end of the day, it is your life and your body that is suffering, so you might as well care for it.

Here are 10 body pains that you should get treated for:

Chest Pain


It doesn’t matter how frequent or infrequent the pain is or the magnitude. If it is chest pain, get it checked immediately. It might be a prelude to something even worse. 9 times out of 10, frequent chest pains can result in strokes, artery blockages, or heart attacks.

Leg Pain

Unless you have done 200 squats and feel aches, any leg pain should be immediately looked at. Also, keep in mind that the location is paramount to diagnosis. For, if it happens near your knees, it could be a bone problem. But, anywhere near the thigh or the calf, it could very well be a vein problem. It might get dangerous if you don’t get it checked. It could lead to heart blockages.



Headaches can have various symptoms and reasons, but if it is sharp and actually blinds you with the pain, it is best if you get yourself checked quickly. It could be a symptom of a stroke and can quickly get fatal. Also, headaches of a lesser magnitude might actually be indicative of migraines.

Abdominal pain

Pain in the abdomens can either be due to kidney problems or because of appendicitis. Needless to say, whatever it may be, you have to get it checked. Don’t wait on it. For appendix operation is safe, and will alleviate the pain.

Pain in the Pelvis

Pelvic pain might be symptomatic of menstrual disorder. Better to get it checked, because in certain situations, the tissue which is supposed to be inside the uterus and womb, starts forming out of it. And that might harm you severely.


Any form of toothache will lead to gum problems or happen due to cavities. So, one might as well schedule that dentist appointment, because if you can’t give a dazzling smile, where is the point of life? On a serious note, problems with teeth might lead to certain other issues, least of all mouth cancer and bleeding.

Hip Pain

Usually occurs after a certain age, it might indicate arthritis in the hip. And that might be common in most women, but why should you take that risk? Why not just visit a doctor and get it checked already? It won’t get worse if you start your physiotherapy and bring it under control.

Toe Pain

Toe pain could be a result of you bumping onto something or it could be due to arthritis or gout. Whatever it is, don’t forget to get it checked.

Knee Pain


Knee pain, as discussed above, could be due to arthritis. But that isn’t the only thing. Knee pains in athletes could be due to muscle tear that renders them out of commission for several months. Again, it is something that one needs to get checked immediately or they might lose their function at the knees.

Neck Pain

Pain in your neck could very well be due to spinal problems or tissue damage near the spine. It could also be indicative of spondylitis and should be immediately checked.

Please take care of yourself. Life is precious!

10 Body Pains You Should Never Ignore

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