This Tea is The Ultimate Remedy For Swollen Feet



The retention of fluids in the body leads to perceptible swelling, mainly of the feet and ankles. In medical terms, it is referred to as edema. It is derived from the Greek word ‘oidema’ which means ‘to swell’. It causes pain and if it persists, may indicate serious medical conditions. It can be caused by premenstrual syndrome which alludes to physical and emotional changes before periods, pregnancy, and improper fluid circulation in the body. It is also caused due to high intake of salt, unrestrained consumption of processed foods, lack of regular exercise, and the side-effect of some medications.

Feet can swell visibly during pregnancy. Prolonged stress on the feet can also cause them to swell. But its recurrence can indicate serious diseases of the liver, heart, or kidneys. Immediate medical consultation is advised in such cases.

The Amazing Natural Diuretic

Parsley is a natural herb long assumed to be capable of controlling swelling of the feet and hands by preventing retention of excessive amounts of fluid in the body. A time-tested and effective natural remedy, used even by Hippocrates, it acts against innumerable diseases like asthma, allergies, urinary tract infection, and digestive ailments. It is also effective against Bronchitis, makes breathing easier. It also makes your blood pressure steady while strengthening the bones. Hippocrates endorsed the use of Parsley for rheumatism, a form of arthritis indicated by inflammation of the joints, kidney stones, and also as an antitoxin.

Medical Studies And Assertions On Parsley

A leading handbook on herbal remedy asserts that parsley has proved to be exceptionally effective in ridding the body of excessive fluids. The Journal of Ethnopharmacology has published a study that asserts that parsley significantly increases the composition and volume of urine by acting upon the level of ions of potassium and sodium by osmosis. Thus the body is rid of excessive fluids. Unlike innumerable chemical diuretics which adversely affect the potassium level in the body, parsley contains significant amounts of potassium.


A study presented in 2009 by the Brazilian Journal of Ethnopharmacology titled “Diuretic and Hypotensive activity of Aqueous Extract of Parsley Seeds” established that this amazing plant reduces blood pressure and increases the flow of urine simultaneously. Dr John R Christopher, an eminent American herbalist, maintains that two litres of tea made with parsley taken every day, preferably made with fresh leaves, roots, and seeds of the plant, is the minimum quantity needed to prove effective in controlling edema.

Preparation Of Parsley Tea

Soak a quarter cup of chopped leaves and roots of parsley in hot water for at least 5 minutes. For taste, ginger combined with lemon or honey can be added to the tea after it has been strained. To be effective, it is to be consumed while it is warm.

Other ways to prevent or arrest swelling of the feet caused by fluid retention is raising the level of exercise, especially of the feet, to increase and invigorate the circulation of fluids. Propping the legs above the level of the heart while lying down is also helpful.

Parsley is more than just a garnish. It is a safe and natural aid to eliminate excessive body fluids that cause swelling of the feet but has none of the side-effects of chemical diuretics like depletion of the level of potassium in the body. But medical advice is recommended in case the symptoms of edema persist. Take care!

This Tea is The Ultimate Remedy For Swollen Feet

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