7 Evidential Signs of Aging and How to Prevent Them



There are several truths in life. One of them is that what grows will one day die. Before death arrives the process of aging prepares the body. The process leads to wrinkles, baldness, weakness, so on and so forth. Now, what we must realize is that there is absolutely no way to prevent aging. You will age and you will die. What one can do is try to postpone the signs of it. Like so many celebrities, it is possible to take care of yourself to look great at old age.

Let’s see the 7 telltale signs of aging that we can postpone:

Dehydrated Skin

Dehydrated or dry skin is a common phenomenon which is associated with aging. Lack of oil or water in your body, the slowing of cell renewal due to age, and lack of proper skin care are going to result in dry skin. To avoid that, all you need to do is step up your water consumption, use sunscreen, and avoid unnecessary exposure to the sun.

Puffy Eyes


Puffy eyes occur because your eyes aren’t receiving enough water. Lack of that, along with the usual cell decay would lead to them being puffy. Add to that pollutants and allergens and you would end up looking like a perennial sufferer of conjunctivitis. In order to prevent that, simply use sunglasses to avoid exposure to the harsh sun.

Sagging Skin

Sagging skin is another indicator of aging. Your skin sags because of the lack of production of collagen and elastin in your body. Unfortunately, there is no one step to cure it except for surgery. It would take collective action of working out, eating healthy, maintaining stable body weight and including a natural diet that would provide the necessary collagen in your body.

Apple Body

Gaining fat around the middle section has always been a problem of aging. Especially in women, the estrogen level drops after menopause and they gain excess fat around the abdomen. The only way to cure it is by working out that focus more on losing weight.

Sore Feet


This comes from an accumulation of years of walking on pavements, which lead to the tissue on the sole of the feet to become thin and tear. The best way to prevent it is by wearing good quality sneakers.

Hair Fall

Lack of body hair is also one sign of aging. The arteries that carry blood to all the parts of the body get coagulated with plaque, thereby leading to a lack of oxygen-rich blood to those areas which would need it to grow. Visit a doctor in case you have a scalp disease. Try meditation, working out and eating well.


The easiest sign that shows you are aging- you are unable to lift things because your body doesn’t allow you to stress your muscles to that extent. All you have to do is work out and progressively lift higher weights.

You can’t stop aging. You can only postpone it. And most importantly, accept the process. It’s only natural.

7 Evidential Signs of Aging and How to Prevent Them

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