11 Tips To Get Clear Skin

Clean skin is a dream for a lot of people considering the problems that the skin goes through. It is, in fact, a luxury for a lot of people. While you might think that you will have to go out of your way to achieve it, here are some simple tips that you can follow. These will help in providing you with the skin that you have always dreamt off.

#1. Don’t touch your face
Throughout the day your hands accumulate a lot of bacteria. Using the same hands to wash your face can lead to acne. Using a brush to clean your face will help in improving the circulation, deep cleansing the face and exfoliating the skin.

#2 Water!
Drinking plenty of water hydrates the skin and repair skin damage. Make sure you drink 8 glasses of quality water every day to improve skins quality.

#3 Tone
Toning the skin helps in closing the pores and keeping the impurities away. It evens the skin and also balances the pH.

#4 Watch What You Eat
What you eat reflects on your face. Make sure you avoid excess sugar and fat which can cause breakouts. Add plenty of green veggies, chia seeds and berries to your diet. These are high in antioxidants which repair skin damage.

#5 Never Pop Pimples
Popping a pimple will expose the bacteria from a puss onto your skin. It will cause scarring and also increase the amount of acne instead of reducing it.

#6 Always Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the most crucial steps of skincare. It helps in protecting the skin from UV ray damage. Whether you are leaving the house or staying in, make sure to apply a generous amount of sunscreen every day. The best sunscreen to invest in is one which is SPF 50+.

#7 Quality Sleep
Sleeping for a minimum of 8 hours is must to get clear skin. A good night sleep ensures that you get a skin that is rejuvenated and repaired from all damages.

#8 Hygiene
Make sure to always keep your bed sheets and pillowcases clean as it tends to catch bacteria quite often. It also absorbs excess oil and impurities from your face and transfers it onto the sheet. Wash your beddings once every week to avoid acne.

#9. Clay Mask For Clear Skin

Clay mask brightens the skin and helps in clearing the face-off impurities. It absorbs excess oil and controls shine. Use it once every week to get crystal clear skin.

#10. Less Is More
Don’t invest in a lot of products. Using multiple products on the skin can strip natural oils from the face, causing irritation. Using excess products will not clear your skin but instead cause excessive oiliness and clogged pores. This will lead to acne and breakouts.

#11 Stay Clear Of Acne Products
Until and unless prescribed by a dermatologist, don’t use acne products on your skin. These products are packed with strong ingredients which can strip natural oil from face and further cause issues for the skin.

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