10 Signs That Your Body Shows When It Is Suffering From Something



Our body is always trying to communicate with us. Our mind and body are so well-connected that whenever there is some kind of problem, our body immediately responds and sends a lot of signals so that we can take some action. The problem is that these signals can be varied and so, we often ignore such signs. However, if we take heed, then we can take actions and make ourselves healthy again. These are some signs that we should not ignore:

Lack of Sleep, cramps in legs, and irritability

When all these things happen to your body, it indicates that there is a deficiency of potassium and magnesium. So, try including almonds and linseed in your diet to increase magnesium intake. Green vegetables like spinach, kale, and chard are great for potassium. You can also find these essential minerals in apricots, plums, and red beet.

Desire For Salty Food

When you have an excess desire for salty food, then it might indicate that there is some kind of infection or inflammation in your body. Generally, this is in the urogenital area.

Dry Skin

When your body has a deficiency of the vital Vitamin E, your skin tends to dry up fast. Add some fish, vegetable oil, and nuts in your diet and you are good to go.

Craving For Sweet Food


If you want to eat a lot of sweets, then you might have nervous exhaustion and hence your body is demanding an increase in the intake of glucose to give you the required energy. However, eating too much processed sugar is not good. So, the better option is to go for dark chocolate or honey.

Bleeding Gums

When you have a lack of Vitamin C, you may experience bleeding gums. To prevent your gums from bleeding, start eating a lot of vegetables and fruits. Add garlic in your diet and have a lot of tea.

Craving For Raw Food

When you have gastritis or liver issues, you may start to crave for more raw food rather than cooked food. That is because raw food has the ability to soothe down your stomach and it also helps in reducing cramps.

Dry Skin Around The Elbow Region

When you have dry skin around the elbow region, then it is a clear sign of deficiency of Vitamin C or A. You have to add more vegetables and fruits in your diet which includes pumpkin, apricots, and oranges.

Craving For Seafood

When your body faces a deficiency of iodine, then you will have a craving for seafood.

A Sudden Desire to Have more Sour Food

Sour food helps to stimulate the liver and gallbladder. So, start by consuming more lemons and cranberries which can act as a great stimulant for those specific organs.

Brittle nails and hair

When your body faces a lack of Vitamin B and calcium then you suffer from brittle hair and nails. The best way to deal with this issue is by adding legumes, milk, whole grains, and potatoes in your diet. You can also add wheat germs that are bread which is made from sprouted grains in your diet too.

Listen to your body and bring about certain changes in your diet. It will bring your health back to you.

10 Signs That Your Body Shows When It Is Suffering From Something

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