Top 7 essential oils for yoga

Top 7 essential oils for yoga

Want to enhance your yoga practice with these essential oils for yoga and meditation?

In this post, we’ll show our top 7 essential oils we use when practising yoga.

Yogis have using incense and plants to enhance their yoga practice for many many years. It’s only natural that we incorporate essential oils into our yoga and meditation practices. It can be overwhelming to know which oils to use when! Essential oils are very powerful and we want to get the most out them.

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Let’s look at the top 7 essential oils for yoga.

1. Sandalwood

I don’t know about you but when I think about yoga, the smell of sandalwood comes to mind. Its been a well-regarded aroma to yogis and very common throughout India, not only that but it’s also commonly used in other religious ceremonies and was used extensively throughout ancient Egypt.

Sandalwood is a very grounding and mood-enhancing oil, making it perfect for yoga and meditation. To use it in your practice, place it in the diffuser where you’re practising or place a couple of drops on the skin, with a carrier oil.

On top of these grounding properties, it’s also great for your skin. Place a few drops into your moisturiser or with a carrier oil and massage into your face and neck.

2. Lavender

Lavender is widely known as a calming essential oil. People have been using it forever to help promote sleep and to create a calming environment within the home. This makes lavender a great oil to practice yoga with.

It helps to calm the mind and create a relaxing room to practice within. You can pop a few drops in the diffuser or within a bottle with water to spray within the room before you start yoga or meditation.

3. Wild Orange

Wild orange is one of the most popular oils, and for good reason. It has a beautiful fragrance that’s known to increase energy and uplift the mood.

The reason it makes a great essential oil for yoga is that it can give you that uplift that you need to up your practice and push yourself a little more. Something that’s important when using yoga for weight loss.

Wild orange can be put in the diffuser or can also be taken internally when a couple of drops are placed in your water.

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4. Balance Blend

The Balance Blend is known to keep you grounded, create a calming environment and keep your emotions balanced.

I think this my most used blend and I really find that it helps so much with keeping my, and my kids, emotions balanced and creates a calming household.

For these reasons, it’s the perfect blend for yoga and meditation. The balance blend is already diluted so you can place a few drops directly on your wrists or along the spine for your practice.

The Yoga Collection

The next three blends are part of the Yoga Collection and are purchased together. All three blends are already diluted with fractionated coconut oils and can be placed directly on the skin.

5. Arise Enlightening Blend

The Arise blend helps to promote a joyful feeling, helps you rise up and can support you when practising the more challenging yoga poses. It can help you take your practice to the next level and inspire you to challenge yourself.

There are a few ways you can use this blend, including placing a few drops on the heart when meditating or saying your daily affirmations, placing a few drops on you when practising more challenging poses or placing a few drops in your essential oil jewellery to remind you of your goals throughout the day.

6. Anchor Steadying Blend

The Anchor blend can help you restore balance and stillness in your life. Creating stillness is so important when it comes to yoga and meditation. It’s what creates the calmness and enables you to be present when practising.

It can be placed on the soles of the feet, the base of the spine or ankles keep you steady, create calmness and to promote feelings of completeness.

7. Align Centring Blend

The Align Blend can help you create a sense of peace and purpose. It’s a great blend for the busy-ness of modern life. It can help to keep you on track and staying present.

There are a few ways you can use this blend including, placing a few drops over the heart in the morning to help promote self-acceptance and can be applied on the wrists when practising aligning yoga poses like the Warrior series.

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That’s a wrap, the top 7 essential oils for yoga. I encourage you to use them and get the benefits from them within your yoga and meditation practices.

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