The people with this zodiac sign start with great enthusiasm, but as soon as they don’t see results they are bitter and ready to quit. Usually they starve themselves, thus causing the yo-yo effect. The best thing for them is to have small snack between meals. They should consume a lot of liquids, especially green tea. Since they are addicted to sweets they shouldn’t give them up completely. It is good for them to have a bit of dark chocolate.


The members of this sign need time to decide on a diet,
because they cannot give up on the things they love. However, after they’ve
been motivated enough they are persistent. It is advised that they consume more
apple and stronger spices like chilly to regulate their organism. Oats with
yogurt are a great breakfast idea, and sweets should be completely avoided.


People that have this sign don’t have a regular and healthy
diet. They can go a whole day without food and sit at the table for hours in
the evening. They should have more in between meals, reduce the amounts of
coffee and replace it with tea. It is important that they eat food that will
make them full. Their biggest problem is not scheduling enough time for a meal.


Usually they love to cook and try different food, thus being
on a diet is really hard for them. They prefer fast food and that is the first
thing they need to stop eating. Their bodies lack vitamins which can be
increased by consuming fresh fruits. They should avoid white bread and turn to
a better alternative. Once they start with a diet, it is important that they
last at least 3 days especially when they need food for consolation.


People with this zodiac sign love good food and drink, they
stay fit and rarely have weight problems. They know they can easily gain weight
and try to control themselves. Therefore, they do not need drastic changes in
their diets. They have good metabolisms and daily exercising is enough for


They have a sensitive digestive system, thus making it hard
for them to choose products and combine them in a diet that will help them lose
weight. However, they are very disciplines and if you dare them to lose weight,
they will do it even if it means starving. They should completely avoid delicatessen
and foods that have lots of oil. If they don’t like exercising, they must take


Dieting is hell for the members of this zodiac sign. They don’t
like limiting themselves, testing their character or starving, no matter how
good they want to look. Therefore, they will give up a special regime in the
first day. The smartest move is to start exercising with someone close who will
motivate them not to quit. They should consume more yogurt, fish, rice,
spinach, and soup.


They rarely decide to go on a diet, but once they do, they
stick to it and don’t break the rules. They are very dedicated to work so they
often skip meals in the first part of the day which is their biggest mistake. They
must eat a big breakfast and more celery and broccoli.


Members of this zodiac sign are similar to Virgos. They are
very disciplined, choose a period to relax on their own and then have a period
to lose weight. When it comes to weight they also think about health. It is
best they consume more vegetable soup, tuna, and fresh salads. Their biggest
enemies are pasta and sauces.


They don’t have a problem with a special regime, but they do
have a routine problem. They don’t like planning ahead, buying products and
combining dishes. They should forget about chips and alcohol for a longer time.
They don’t spend much time at home, thus they don’t eat a lot. The extra weight
is probably a result of wrong produce.


They often eat too much, so the best start for them is a
detoxification with teas, vegetables, fruits and meat. After a week of “resetting”
the organism and eliminating the toxins they should start consuming the usual
food in small quantities. They don’t often last until the end of a diet,
however they can if they do it with their partner or a friend for support.

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