Experience The Benefits When You Burn Bay Leaves In The House



If you step into a traditional yoga class or just about any room and have an intense aromatic experience, you are in the midst of the Native American practice of purifying a room using sacred herbs. It is akin to burning incense. Though sage leaves are commonly used for the sacred ritual of smudging, you can also use several herbs, like bay leaves, that are just as relaxing and give equal benefits.

For centuries, bay leaves always have been an integral part of Roman and Greek mythology and an integral part of the Caribbean and Asian cuisine and culture.

Moreover, they are also used in the cosmetic industry as a fragrant additive to lotions, creams, soaps, perfumes, and detergents.

Benefits Of Bay Leaves

These leaves were for long traditionally used mainly as a pain killer, as a soothing agent and a mild opiate, to control swellings, and as a muscle relaxant.

This amazing herb also acts against fungus and bacteria and is used to lower heart rate and blood pressure though there are no medical data to support such claims.

It works admirably in curing your sleeplessness, is effective against stress, and can alter your mood.


Added to your dishes, this flexible herb with multiple benefits is believed to lower cholesterol and glucose levels and prevent the formation of kidney stones.

When brewed and taken hot, it acts as a health drink. It is claimed that bay leaves act against several forms of blood cancer and aids programmed death of cancerous cells.

Using Bay Leaves

The simplest way to use these aromatic leaves is by adding it to your cooking. The fine aroma can change the complexion of a dish but be sure to remove the leaves before serving. People often choke on these leaves.

The Many Benefits Of Bay Leaves

If you are feeling stressed and wish to lift your mood, you can simply burn some bay leaves on an aluminum tray used for baking and let the smoke linger behind closed doors for a few minutes.

Burning Bay Leaves

Keep the tray in a place where the wind won’t blow the leaves away and keep it away from inflammable objects. There shouldn’t be any smoke detector in the room.

As you reenter the room, the soothing aroma of the burning herbs will immediately relax your soul and your mind and you will find it much easier to intensely focus upon your task. When the smoke subsides, throw out the ashes.

Experience The Benefits When You Burn Bay Leaves In The House

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