5 Things You Should Watch Out For After Intercourse That Can Indicate A Major Disease



When we are making love, we forget everything about our body and even ourselves if it’s enjoyable. Well, it’s kind of justified – with all the pleasure hormones pumping in our brains, it is really difficult to concentrate on our body. However, while going through all that activity, we must look for ways to make sure we have a healthy active lifestyle.

After all, if our body takes a massive toll later on, we would only drown in regret and end up having a life of abstinence. Now, nobody would want that, would they? So, while you might be enjoying intercourse, try to look out for these signs. They might seem harmless at first, but they can take a bad turn:


If there is any kind of bleeding, even though you are not on periods, then it could be a warning sign. Bleeding after copulation is quite common and affects about 9 percent of all s**ually active women. It is because of cervical polyps or cervicitis and the good news is that it can be easily cured. However, there could be other factors like chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, and cervical cancer that could result in bleeding, so contact a doctor now.

Unexpected Discharge

Vaginas clean itself while making love, it can go especially wet. There is also a white discharge that can happen, which is completely fine. But if the discharge is chunky, has a bad smell, and is discolored, then it’s time to look it up. Such a discharge is not normal and may also be paired with burning, itching or pain in the genitals. This could mean that you either have a s**ually transmitted infection (STI) or a vaginal infection.



Sometimes, post-coitus, you might feel pain and cramping. This could be because of many reasons, one of the main being mestrual pain. However, if you are not on your periods, then this cramping can be due to pregnancy, contractions of STIs like chlamydia, hepatitis, etc., or a probable reproductive problem.

Rashes, sores, and bumps

If you have a rash near your genitals after intercourse, it could mean an allergic reaction from lubricants or any kind of item used during the act. However, if the rash has small red and white bumps, then, it could mean Herpes in its early stages. Beware of open sore around your genitalia, which could be a sure way to detect STIs. It a symptom of genital warts, chancroid, syphilis, or genital herpes.

Burning Sensation while Urinating

Experiencing a burning sensation while you are urinating means that you have contracted UTI (urinary tract disorder). It is a bacterial infection and can spread quickly from the urethra to the kidneys. Bladder inflammation is a common issue in this case. To prevent it from happening, urinate properly after intercourse so that all the bacteria can go out of your body.

There should be no compromise when you are talking about your health. It is necessary to make sure you are doing the right thing when you are engaging in intercourse, so that, you don’t end up having a bad experience in the future. If any of these situations take place, then go for a checkup. Otherwise, be aware and keep checking yourself. Stay healthy!

5 Things You Should Watch Out For After Intercourse That Can Indicate A Major Disease

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